Tuesday, next year or maybe not…

I'm just sooo tired!

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Ten Things I Am Going To Do Next Year

  1. Exercise
  2. Eat healthier, cut back on the Cokes and chocolate
  3. Go to bed at a reasonable hour like a normal person
  4. Be more disciplined with my free time, as in do something rather than just think about doing stuff
  5. Lose 20 pounds
  6. Be who I am always and not bother with what people are thinking about me
  7. De-clutter and get rid of stuff I don’t like,want,use…
  8. Do more crocheting and start sewing again
  9. Stop procrastinating
  10. Spend more time with you know Who

Today, I think these are the things I will do in 2012.  Or might not probably won’t do in 2012


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I am a woman of a certain age who was raised a Yankee and now lives in the South. I am still a Yankee but a "softer" one. My catkid and my friends are my family. My conservative friends think I am a liberal while my liberal friends think I am conservative. I am not talking politics here...I have no interest in politics! I laugh a lot, cry sometimes, rarely angry, not really shy but an introvert for sure, pretty open but do have some secrets. Ok, that's me...or some of me anyway.

17 thoughts on “Tuesday, next year or maybe not…

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  2. I like the disclaimer at the end. That’s the way I make resolutions, too. I may or may not do these things. I need to do a lot of the things on your list. Except the part about eating less chocolate. THAT’S not going to happen.

    Seriously, though, I need to take a good look at number 4.

    • Always need a disclaimer! I never said I would cut out the chocolate–only that I would cut back. As for #4–that probably needs to be #1.

  3. If you are going to cut back on chocolate, buy a higher quality of chocolate so you don’t feel deprived. What is the point of a new year without chocolate?

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