Wednesday, love can’t be explained…



is sometimes strange

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I am a woman of a certain age who was raised a Yankee and now lives in the South. I am still a Yankee but a "softer" one. My catkid and my friends are my family. My conservative friends think I am a liberal while my liberal friends think I am conservative. I am not talking politics here...I have no interest in politics! I laugh a lot, cry sometimes, rarely angry, not really shy but an introvert for sure, pretty open but do have some secrets. Ok, that's me...or some of me anyway.

13 thoughts on “Wednesday, love can’t be explained…

  1. I’ve never seen anything like THAT. I thought seeing a cat with friend mouse was expecting a lot. It’s all the more powerful because the elephant is so large and the girl is so small. all I want to say is Ahhhh.

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