Wednesday, V is for vino…

Anyone who has known me for any length of time knows that I love chocolate.  

They also know that I am not much of a wine drinker.

But that has changed!

I can now say I am truly a Chocaholic!

Today, I think…Viva la Vino!

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I am a woman of a certain age who was raised a Yankee and now lives in the South. I am still a Yankee but a "softer" one. My catkid and my friends are my family. My conservative friends think I am a liberal while my liberal friends think I am conservative. I am not talking politics here...I have no interest in politics! I laugh a lot, cry sometimes, rarely angry, not really shy but an introvert for sure, pretty open but do have some secrets. Ok, that's me...or some of me anyway.

18 thoughts on “Wednesday, V is for vino…

  1. I actually saw this in Sam’s Club yesterday and thought, Yuck! It just didn’t look right to me :)

    • Elizabeth, give it a try it really is good–at least I think so. It is not meant to be served with food but it is good with cookies or cake. Basically it is dessert in a glass.

  2. Love the “V” post…. and also the chocolate and wine… although not necessarily together!! I believe the wine that Arlee is describing is called a chocolate raspberry port wine. Very yummy but in small amounts!

    • Patricia, It’s the chocolate that makes the wine good–at least to my taste buds. And since wine makes me sleepy…well you know a glass or two is about all I can drink before it is nightie-night for me. Don’t no nuthin’ bout port, dessert or otherwise…

  3. Hey, if there can be chocolate covered bacon then why not chocolate wine? I say chocolate pretty much goes with – and should go in and on and over – everything. :)

    Happy A-Z!

  4. Is this true? Oh my. . .they may have to start up rehabs after awhile! :) Once again you have broadened my horizons!

    • MJ, This is the for sure the real deal. It may help the sinus congestion or at least you won’t be bothered by it so much…

  5. I had a chocolate flavored dessert wine once and it was delicious. To be drunk in only small quantities though.

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