Sunday, ice cream and Spring…

Vanilla ice cream cone I bought at Camp Manito...

Vanilla ice cream cone I bought at Camp Manitoulin for a $1 donation. It was sort of icey. For Macro Mondays Drips Drops Splashes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Ice cream goes with springtime.”

Susan Hill

And summer and fall and winter….

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10 thoughts on “Sunday, ice cream and Spring…

  1. Yum!! I live near an ice cream stand that makes home made ice cream in about 40 wonderful flavors. The entire area is a buzz when they reopen in the spring.

    • Yum is right! I work near a Baskin-Robbins but never go there. I think it would become a habit I don’t need…

  2. That cone looks delicious. Can’t remember when I had one last. Used to be on warm Sunday afternoon, a friend and I would go walking and buy an ice cream cone along the way. But no more. Must watch the hips.

    • Tess, The cone does look delicious. I have learned that I eat as much ice cream as there is in the freezer. If there is a half gallon I eat a half gallon. So, I rarely buy more than one serving at a time. One cone in the freezer one cone to eat–but then one cone doesn’t really make it to the freezer…

  3. Ice cream goes with anything, anytime!

  4. elizabeth

    Forbidden fruit! Yummy :)

  5. That looks really good about now! :) Thanks Patricia . . .. ;)

    • Debbie, I agree. Why didn’t I buy ice cream when I went to the store? Oh yeah, I have no willpower.If it is here I will eat it all.

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