Wednesday, there’s a word for me…

Reading cat

Reading cat (Photo credit: Alfred Hermida)


the sort of people who read too much

(there is a word for me, who knew?)

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About Patricia

I am a woman of a certain age who was raised a Yankee and now lives in the South. I am still a Yankee but a "softer" one. My catkid and my friends are my family. My conservative friends think I am a liberal while my liberal friends think I am conservative. I am not talking politics here...I have no interest in politics! I laugh a lot, cry sometimes, rarely angry, not really shy but an introvert for sure, pretty open but do have some secrets. Ok, that's me...or some of me anyway.

16 thoughts on “Wednesday, there’s a word for me…

  1. Great word….. I agree, I would also be a bi…bibu….. of those!!!!LOL

  2. Love the picture! I always thought Miss Misty was trying to get the attention to her and away from the book when she climbed in my lap and sat on it…little did I know she was actually READING it! Great word!!

    • None of my cats have cared to read but I had one that liked car races on tv and have one now that likes to watch the movie previews on Netflix DVD’s.

  3. “Bibliobibuli” that’s quite a mouthful for folks who are basically silent most of the time :) Love the picture. He’s just waiting for a mouse to run accross the page.

  4. :D Good one, Patricia. I think I’d rather be called that than some of things I’ve heard along the way! teehee!

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