L is for library…



There was a little girl who

loved the library.

She loved it because she loved reading
and the library had more books than she could count.


Before she knew how to read she would look at her picture books
and dream of the day she would read the words with the pictures.
She would look at her daddy’s books and wondered
how long it would be until she would have books with only words.

She could read a little bit before she went to school.
And once she learned to read for real
her daddy would take her to the library.

They went every two weeks.
Daddy would get a book or two and she would get a bunch.
Sometimes when they went back to the library
she would renew a book so she could read it again.
Some books were just too good to read only once.

The library was a wonderful place.
A place of books.
The little girl loved books.

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6 thoughts on “L is for library…

  1. Yes! I remember thinking that adult books looked SO BORING with NO PICTURES!

    • I thought it was interesting that there were so many words.I wondered who had that much to say about anything.

  2. I can so relate to this memory. I was always happiest as a child when I was at the library or hidden away somewhere with a book. How I long for those days.


  3. What a lovely memory!

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