About Me and My Place

What I am writing here is just stuff I think about, my opinions and musings.  I used to try to write every day, but that became like work and life is too short to make blogging a chore. So, now I write when I feel like it and have something I want to say or share.

What I think one day I may contradict another day.  Life is not static and neither are my thoughts.

Some entries will be tongue in cheek, some will be rants, some will be raves, and others will be serious, and some plain silly. (Hopefully, readers will know one from the other.  If you do not just ask.) I will try some short story and poetry writing.

I used to write book reviews because I love to read and wanted to share some of my thoughts about the books I read.  But to be honest, I found it difficult and that chore thing popped up again.  I may review a book now and then if the notion hits me.  I have learned to just let this blogging thing happen. (Unless otherwise noted I do not receive any kind of compensation for the reviews.)

Except for the quotes, everything I write is my own.  I ask that you respect the copyright. If you want to use something, please acknowledge where it came from and where possible link back to this blog.

Most of the images I use are from Pixabay and morgueFile. Some of the images I use are from Google images.  If I use an image that is yours or has a copyright that I have not noted please contact me and I will credit the image or remove it.

Occasionally, WordPress will put ads on a blog.  When that happens here please understand it is not my choice to have ads and do not personally endorse any advertiser or their product.

That’s it.  Now go read one of my posts and let me know what you think.








13 thoughts on “About Me and My Place

  1. Oh, how I love your kitty picture! I love cats! I just want to come through this screen and pet those cats. :)

    Your blog is nice. I will have to keep an eye on it. :)

  2. I agree – no “borrowing other’s contents” ;)

  3. Hi, Patricia! The link you added to Six Sentence Stories tonight isn’t working. Eager to see what you have to share with us, please repost your link if your story is ready! :-)

    • The post publishes at 12:01. I did the link early because I thought I might fall asleep and wanted it up tomorrow. I don’t use the computer on Sundays. You are very thoughtful to give me a heads up.

      • Ok, now that I know that I’ll understand if it doesn’t show up right away! Kudos to you for keeping up with your commitment to shut it down on Sundays!

  4. Herman

    Hi Patricia. Thank you for following HoB. Much appreciated! I’ll be hanging around here…

  5. i like your new look, on the website!

    • Thank you, ma’am. It would be nice if I could paint like you and dress up my blog with my own creations.

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