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“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” 
Henry Ford

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Breaking rules…

Lost in Translation’s Thursday’s Special
prompt this week

Breaking The Rules


This is my Christmas cactus breaking the rules blooming in the Spring.
I am all for any bit of rebellion that is beautiful and brings a smile.
It is not a total rebel though, it only has one flower;
a big beautiful flower that makes me smile.

Click on the sphere to see more pictures.

Click on the sphere to see more pictures.

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Attention and generosity…

The quote for this weeks
In Other Words

“Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.”
Simone Weil

On first reading I totally agreed with this quote then I thought about it some and now I agree but with reservations.  Maybe I am being cynical in my thinking but not all attention is pure or generous.  Often it is mean-spirited and ugly causing embarrassment, unhappiness, and pain.  We just have to look at the news programs and reality shows to see that not all attention is good.

Young children and teens who receive love and guidance and encouragement know the generosity of attention.  However, too many children have inappropriate and abusive attention given them. The elderly who are visited and given love and respect know the generosity of attention.  But those who are cheated by unscrupulous people and spoken to as if they are children know the dark side of attention. Those who are ill or disabled who are cared for and included in not only the special occasions of life but in ordinary everyday life have the generous attention of others.  Yet many are laughed at and teased by others whose attentions are not pure and generous.

Perhaps if I had the context of the quote I would completely agree but as it stands I do not.  I would like it better if the quote was, “Loving attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.”  But then maybe the attention I have given this quote is not generosity in its rarest and purest form.

Pet the cat to see the words of others.

Pet the cat to see the words of others.

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The very good, good and not so good…

Somehow I thought I already posted this
but apparently I dreamed it.
So, here are the books I read in January.


This was really good.  But I have yet to read a Grisham book that I didn’t like.  A young attorney loses her job in a big firm in NYC due to the recession.  She takes a job as an intern with a small law office that does free work for the folks in a small Appalachian town. At first the book was interesting but not one I couldn’t put down.  I kept on because it is a Grisham book.  Glad I did because the last sentence of chapter 22 was a stunner. Totally didn’t expect what happened. The young attorney finds herself in the middle of a legal battle with big coal companies.  There is a killing, lots of lies, her first real trial, and the questions she begins to find answers for about what to do with her life.


This is one of Sandford’s Virgil Flowers books.  Another very good one.  Flowers is a police officer in Minnesota’s Department of Criminal Apprehension. He prefers fishing over work but does find himself in some interesting cases.  In this one, it starts out with Virgil unofficially helping a friend solve some dognappings.  Then there is a murder he is officially assigned to that leads to a professional meth lab  and the school board. Interested?  It is all connected and takes a while to sort out.  But being the cop he is Virgil gets the bad guys.  For some serious crimes taking place, there is a lot of humor.


This was a good read and fun for me because I know the author and his wife and most of it takes place here in Columbia where we live.  A handsome but not too successful attorney wins a multi-million dollar case that turns his life into a circus.  His wife leaves him for another woman, he is hired to do legal spots on national tv, tries to help his brother and their sort of adopted brother solve the murder of his mother and a couple other older women in Columbia and enters the singles scene after a long time away.  There is a lot going on in this book with many different story lines and subplots.  It’s worth reading, sweet and funny in spite of the murders.


I have told you a bit about this book before.  It was an ok book just not my cup of tea.  It was interesting in that the author Anne Perry had another life before she was the best-selling mystery writer.  When she was a teenager in New Zealand she and a friend murdered the friend’s mother.  It was a sensational case that got lots of press in the 50’s. The background of the story is rather eerie and frightening.  Anne Perry has paid the price for her crime and has worked to come to terms with what she did.  Her past was a secret for years then her story was found and reopened in the media.

The main emphasis of the book is her writing and the process of how she does it.  There are a lot of references to and quoting from her books.  To me, it just became a bit tedious. One thing I did learn is that I would never make it as a writer if it is as repetitive, aggravating, and boring as the book makes it out to be.

If you read this or have read it do tell me what you think.

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Click here and see what others are reading.

Click here and see what others are reading.

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Humble vs Success…

This week’s prompt for
In Other Words:

At home, I am a nice guy: but I don’t want the world to know.
 Humble people, I have found, don’t get very far.”

Muhammad AliAli

I can’t say I agree with the man.
I guess it depends on your definition of humble and success.

If by humble you mean someone who feels
insignificant, unimportant, or inferior;
then it is true they won’t get far.
But if a humble person is one who
is modest, unpretentious, polite, and respectful;
there is nothing to say they will not go far.

If  being successful is measured only by
wealth, fame, or one’s position and status, honors and triumphs;
being humble would, perhaps be difficult, but not impossible.

It may be that humble people do not seem as successful as prideful people
because they do not tell the world, in all available news and social media,
of their achievements, accomplishments, and prosperity.

Pet the cat to see the words of others.

Pet the cat to see the words of others.

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Multicoloured, Thursday’s Special…

Lost in Translation/Thursday’s Special
prompt this week is



This is a picture of the rug in my living room.
It is an area rug not wall to wall.
When I bought it some people said it would be better
if I got a neutral rug with a subtle pattern
because I would get tired of this one quickly.
I loved it when I bought it and 18 years later I still love it.
I am glad I didn’t listen to the naysayers.


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What I think…

Hilary at Feeling Beachie
and he co-host
Elizabeth at Silver’s Reviews
have some blanks to fill-in…

  1. What would be your perfect morning?
  2. Certainly a laugh will ease a stressful meeting.

  3. A real book with paper pages is better than an Ebook.
  4. Joining a group of people for the first time makes me feel anxious.
Click on the badge to see how others Fill-In the blanks.

Click on the badge to see how others Fill-In the blanks.








I am celebrating this week:


I work part-time these days and I get to have lots of perfect mornings.
I laugh a lot.
I have lots of me time and I can read to my heart’s content.
I am more relaxed about being in groups of people than I used to be.

Click on the badge to see what others are celebrating.

Click on the badge to see what others are celebrating.


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