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K is for kindergarten…

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There was a little girl who

looked forward to the first day of kindergarten.

All summer she heard about what fun school was
and all the wonderful things she would learn and do.

Then the big day was here.
First day of school…ever.


Right from the first day the little girl knew
this was one of those things that adults
don’t tell the whole truth about.
They don’t lie but they make it seem something
other than what it really is.

1)  you have to get up early… really this isn’t a good thing
2) you have to hurry…no lolligagging…but
rushing is not how mornings are meant to be

Then once at school the “not quite the truth” continues

3) you have to sit where the teacher wants you to…even if it isn’t by a window
4) you have to stay in your seat… but sometimes you just need to wander around
5) you have to listen even when the lesson is boring…and it is often boring
6) you can’t talk unless you raise your hand first and
then you can only talk about the “subject”…even if you have something great to say
7) you have to stay until the teacher says you can go,..that is nonsense,
maybe there is something interesting happening in the hall or outside…
you can’t even go to the bathroom without “permission”

And the really horrible thing is

8) you have to go to school whether you want to or not…unless you are sick…
you know sometimes you need a day off just because

And the most horrible terrible awful unbelievable of all
9)  there is, counting kindergarten, at least 13 years of this.

!13 years!

School was okay.
There were fun new things everyday.
And there was so much to learn.
It was exciting!

But still there was that “you have to go to school everyday” rule.


The little girl realized why schools have fences around them.
They are prisons.

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 school   fence

It, is a bad word…

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i4pThere was a little girl who

didn’t like “it”.

Seemed to her that when “it” was an answer
“it” was not what she wanted to hear.

When are we going…?
It will have to wait until later.

Can I…?
It’s not a good time.

Do you think we could…?
It will be too hard.

Can I have…?
It cost too much.

She didn’t understand why “it” was the way “it” was.

“It”  usually ended up being  negative.

“It” always seemed to mean



The little girl did not like
any better than

Except maybe when she asked,
“Can I go camping with my friend?”

The answer to that was
It will be ok, have a good time.

The answer should have been
It isn’t a good idea.

Image: openclipart

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If you don’t like cats…

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People who don’t like cats
were probably mice in another life.

Irish Proverb

Never stop playing…

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“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

Bernard Shaw


Never ordinary…

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“Never love anybody who
who treats you like you’re ordinary.”
Oscar Wilde

Image: xiaozhen

Love Your Pet Day…

Today is
Love Your Pet Day.


Did you give loves to your pet today?
Do you need to be reminded to do this?
Shame on you!


It amazes me when pets are not treated well.
They are part of the family and deserve to be cared for and loved.

Studies show that those who abuse people
start out by abusing animals.

Abusive people are cowards.

End of rant.

Go hug your pet.

What I read-what I think…

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I was reading an article earlier today in
DailyGood News that Inspires
and here is what I learned and, of course, what I think:

  • a meaningful life is a healthier life than a happy life
  • people with meaningful lives have stronger immune systems

It seems to me that if your life is meaningful than it is happy
and the more meaningful and happy your life is the less you are bothered by illness.
You might get sick but it doesn’t get you down like it does unhappy people.
I am not talking major things but the everyday stuff that gets passed around in families, schools, work.
But maybe they were thinking more of big stuff not the little bugs.
Either way it makes sense to me.

  •  it is better to be a little bit happy over a long period of time than to experience wild spikes of happiness

I wonder what is meant by “a little bit happy”.
Maybe they mean contentment.
I am content and happy with the occasional wild spike of happiness.
Works for me.


  • meditation can change how genes work
  • meditation quiets the genes that express bodily inflammation in response to stress
  • develops healthier coping and resilience that can potentially lead to longer life

I know that meditation helps me to calm down when I am feeling stressed.
I didn’t know that meditation changes the genes.
The article also talks about how this can be helpful to people from families of highly stressed people.
It makes sense to me that if you are less stressed you will live longer.
I have no idea if all this is true but I like it.
I’ll go with it.

There is a lot more in the article but I am not really into “scientific” studies
so, truthfully, I sorta skimmed it and took what jumped out at me.
When I read these kinds of articles I find them interesting
but are the people in the study honest in their responses?
I guess that most of them would be
but a few less than honest folks could skew the results.
But maybe not.



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