Tuesday, Teddy has some news…

Hi Peoples!

Guess what…don’t even try…this is so unbelievable you will never guess it.

I am working on my own blog!

Mama has to help cause I don’t have fingers and so can’t type.

Anyway, I am putting it all together and will let you know when I am online. 

It’s a bit of work, you know.  Lots to think about; theme, and background, about page, stuff like that.

 Mama’s cautiously mildly sort of going forward with the idea.

But I am excited. 

So excited I am worn out!

Thursday, thankful for Teddy…

Hi Peoples!

Do you remember this picture?


This is from the day Mama and I met and she adopted me.
I was a cute little guy.

And here is a brand new picture.


Here I am today,  November 1, 2012.
My Birthday!
I am one year old today.
I am still a cute guy but BIG now.

We really don’t know what my for true birth date is
but Mama decided 11-01-11 would be easy to remember.

Like I would let her forget!

This is a meowumental day.
Have a good one.

Mama here, I just want to add that Teddy is a wonderful catkid and I am happy that he is my boy.  He is a blessing and I am truly thankful.  We are having tuna and chips to celebrate.     \O/

Tuesday, I’ve got a secret…

Hi Peoples,

Guess what!  I’ve got a secret so I get to do the Two Shoes Tuesday post!

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I have lots of toys and Mama put my favorites in a basket for me.


There is M’Deer and my feather fluffy, my scrunchy brown paper bag, my sock with nip in it, my fish, and my strawberry cake puff.  And of course, my big white ball.  What you don’t see in the basket is my very very most favorite toys in the whole world!

My multi-color soft fuzzy balls, 3 of them, are not in the basket.
There would be a picture of them here

But I hid them. 

That’s a great game to play with Mama, I hide them in a secret place and she tries to find them.  I hid them so well this time that she can’t find them at all!  She has looked everywhere!

I hid them in a very special secret place.

 So secret that I can’t find them.

It’s a little bit upsetting.  But Mama says not to worry;  before she comes home from work tomorrow she will go to the store and buy me some new multi-color soft fuzzy balls. 

I hope she doesn’t forget.  If I had my own phone I could text her and remind her.

Saturday, no communication…

What a bother, internet access problems

Hi Peoples!

Mama and I haven’t been around because of this;

IMAG00212a broken down no good modem.

Mama didn’t know what was wrong last Saturday but she could not get online so anything she wrote didn’t go anywhere.

Sunday she called the internet access people and a recording said the wait time for assistance was about 90 minutes.   Mama hates being on the phone so she just hung up.  But I told her if she didn’t talk to them she couldn’t be online.  She said she would try again Monday.  And she did.  The wait was only 5 minutes.

A nice man, Mario, figured out the problem and ordered her a new modem.  She got it Wednesday and installed it on Thursday.  Of course, I helped, making sure all the cables were the right color and plugged in the right places.


She did have to call the access people again but there was no wait and a nice man, Tim, got everything in working order.

This computer stuff is sometimes a bother–like when there is no communication.  And when you have a computer user like Mama who is a non-techie it is a big bother.  I don’t know much about computers but then I am a cat, you know, and we have our priorities and limits.  But, I did what I could.

IMAG0011 I checked to make sure we were all plugged in and powered up before we said good-by to the nice man.  Didn’t want to have to call back and be on hold.   That would have made Mama cranky and we really don’t want that.

And here is the brand new working just fine modem


This trouble-shooting stuff has worn me out

IMAG0020time for a snooze.

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