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Sunday, real work…

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“It’s not real work unless you would rather be doing something else.”


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Sunday, I want a job that is…

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“I want the kind of job that is interesting
but doesn’t take up too much time.”

Anonymous 14-year-old

Wednesday, whiskey is…

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water of life

Today, I think I knew this when I was a little girl…my family is of Irish stock, ya know.

Because this is March,  the month of the Irish,
all the words are English  derived from Irish words.

Sunday, beware…

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  Beware of people who dislike cats.

Irish saying

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Wednesday, rowdy behaving folks…

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one who takes part in rowdy behavior and vandalism

Because it is March, the month of the Irish,
all the words this month are English derived from Irish words.

Sunday, like what I do…

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“I like what I do for a living.
I also like NOT doing it–
perhaps even more.”

Mason Cooley

Wednesday, sweeter than it sounds…

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female fairy, woman of the fairies

Because it is  March, and the month of the Irish,
all the words this month are English words derived from Irish words.


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