Wednesday, lots of beginnings…

I’m really good at beginning projects.
I like planning my next great idea.   
I love the shopping for the parts and pieces.   
I have fun getting everything ready.
Then I begin the project, whatever it may be, and it’s great.


Then I run into a problem.
It’s procrastination, I think.
But maybe not.

What happens is I come up with another idea.
 I start thinking and planning and getting everything that’s needed.

yayAnd I start the new great thing.
Of course , that leaves the previous great thing undone.

I have decided I am not going to start anything new until I finish the
curtain panels
cross-stitch picture
Teddy’s box
recipe book
pattern book
 storage closet organizing
guest closet organizing
hem 2 pair of pants

this is getting embarrassing so I’ll stop, although, there is more.

images (86)

Today, I think I need to finish something before there is another beginning.

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Friday, Daily Prompt, share a favorite quote…

Do you have a favorite quote that you return to again and again? What is it, and why does it move you?

I collect quotes and have lots that I like.  There are several that are favorites but one that I think of quite often is something that ee cummings said;

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”

This is so true!  It doesn’t matter how old we are; we are never really grown up.  Bigger and older on the outside maybe.  But inside we are all little kids just trying to make sense of the world and trying to find where we fit in the scheme of things.

kittensWhat seems to be the easy thing to do is to be whoever and whatever others think we are…or should be.  In some ways that is the easy way, little conflict and rarely confrontation.  At least not that anyone, including ourselves, can see.  But it is a different story inside our heads and hearts.


When we take a path of non-resistance or blind obedience there is a lot of conflict and little peace within.  We hurt ourselves and in the end we hurt others.  In this world, wherever we find ourselves, we are in that place for a purpose that no one else can fulfill. That place and purpose is ours alone to make whole and complete.


When we take the easy way and become someone we were never meant to be everybody loses.  It takes “courage to become who you really are” and great strength to overcome all those around us who want what they think is best for us. Be strong, life is good if you don’t weaken.


Tuesday, Teddy’s trials…

Hi Peoples, Teddy here.


I am going to tell you about how I got so scared a couple of weeks ago.  Things here at my mama’s condo were going along quite nicely.  At least I thought so.

Then Mama put me in a carry box which wasn’t bad because it had my blue Humane Society blanket in it.  Not the one I pooped on–I will tell you that story sometime–boy was my fur frizzled–I was so embarrassed.  Anyway, Mama put me in the carry box with the blue blanket and I was ok with it.

But then we went in the elevator–another box thing–and outside and into a car.  We drove a while and when we got out of the car I could hear familiar sounds that I thought were part of my history, if you know what I mean.  If you don’t I will tell you.

We went into the building and do you know where we were?!  The Shelter!  Yes, I kid you not!  Well let me tell you  I was so scared I almost peed on my blue blanket.  But I got control of myself.

Here I thought Mama was adjusting quite nicely and what does she do?  Takes me back to The Shelter.  Once we got inside she started talking quietly to me telling me to relax I was just going to be there for a little while.  Yeah right, I thought.

Well, then a woman people took me to another room and took some of my blood out of me!  Talk about frightening.  What was that all about?  Then she put another sharp stick in my hip and put something–not blood–back in. People do the strangest things.

Mama explained that the woman people who took the blood out of me was doing a test to see if I had a bad thing. The test was negative and that is a positive.  Go figure that out. And the sharp stick was a vaccination so I don’t get bad things. So all good.

After that I was back in the carry box with my blue blanket and in the car and before long in the elevator–elevators go up and down–down to leave and up to come home–home!

Here I thought Mama maybe didn’t want to be my mama and was going to leave me at The Shelter.  I should have known better.  After all she is my mama and I am her boy catkid forever.  I don’t know how long forever is but it is more than a few weeks that much I do know.

 I have to go back next week for another sharp stick but no blood is coming out–that’s done for good. And then back again next month for surgery. I am going to be neutered. I don’t know what that is but I got through the sharp sticks ok so it will probably be about the same. I will let you know next month what being neutered is all about.


Monday, a woman of the 50’s…

Here is my book suggestion for this week


Black Cat Book Reviews

I enjoyed this story.  I never thought about what it was like for women after WWII and the men came home.  It didn’t occur to me that after being in the work force during the war that they would be expected to return to life as it was before the war.

Today, I am glad the women of the 50’s were strong and didn’t go backwards  as expected by some.