Friday fill-ins and celebrating…

Elizabeth from Silver’s Reviews came up with all four of the fill-ins
for Hilary’s hop Friday Four Fill In Fun at Feeling Beachie.

Here are my fill-ins:

  1. Do you ever wonder what your purpose is in life?
  2. Why would I dye my hair when I like it grey?
  3. Creating something beautiful is not to be taken for granted it is a wonderful gift.
  4. I think that more people need to get a grip and chill, life is too short to be upset.


 And now to
Celebrate The Small Things

This week I was treated to lunch by a friend.
We don’t get to spend much time together
and this was a special surprise treat.

Work was crazy busy this week but all went well
and lots got done. That’s a great feeling!

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A friend of mine…

Friends, some are friends for life others for a time or season.
There are friends that are best friends for a while then they are not.
There are friends who are more acquaintances,
people we know slightly that are in the outer places of our lives.
Then there are those who are in our hearts.
We can see them every day and not grow tired or bored with them.
Or we may only see them once in a great while.
Then when we see them again it is like we have never been apart.


I have a friend who I met when she lived next door.
We saw each other most every day if only for a few minutes.
Then she moved away to go to school.
Now she lives in another country.
Sometimes 4 or 5 years will go by before we see each other again.
But when we do get together it is like we have never been parted.

We are friends of the heart.
I am blessed with her loving friendship and so very grateful.
I love you, Lesley.

I am taking part of the
52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge

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The city where I live…

This week’s prompt for
52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge

The City You Live In

This is the city where I live.
It is a small city that thinks it is a big city.
It has the usual city problems but overall it is a good place to live.


I have had good and bad times here…mostly good.
When I moved here I had family here but they are gone now.
There are people who have welcomed me into their lives.
They are wonderful friends, some have become family.

I am grateful for the people who have become friends and family.
They have made this city a good place for me to live.

When I moved here I thought I would stay
a couple of years then move back home.
I have lived here 36 years.
So, I guess this is home now.

My sewing basket…

52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge
Week #5
Something Someone Gave You


This sewing basket was given to me many years ago.
I can’t remember if it was for Christmas or my birthday.
It is one of my favorite gifts.  I love practical gifts that are useful.
Before I received this I used an old cookie tin to hold my sewing notions
The tin was fine except it was a bit small, hard to open, and ugly.

So, now I have a sewing basket that is a good size, easy to open, and pretty,
I am thankful for the gift and very thankful for the friendship
of the person who gave it to me.
Every time I see the basket or take it out to use it I think of her
and her thoughtfulness and how much she means to me.

good boy…

mama is getting ready for bed, a concept i don’t understand but something she does every night.  since she left the puter on i thought it would be a good time for me to say meow to my peoples.  and i have a picture for you  it’s from christmas time.


see me up there?

i was up there for a long time before mama saw me. i sat up there so still like i was one of the wood cats. she was surprised when she saw me and she laughed. i am a good boy when i get up on the armoire so mama lets me sit up there. i did pull off the flowers of the christmas cactus and that was not a good boy thing to do.  how was i to know they are just for show not to play with?

you know what the best part of being on the armoire is?  jack is afraid to jump up here.  he hates when i look down at him.  he meows so pitifully.  it’s really fun.


O is for old oil heater

o4pThere was a little girl who

had a favorite place in the winter.

It would be all cold and windy and snowy
and their house did not have central heat.

It would get very cold in the house except
near the oil space heater.


It was the best place to be.

After playing outside she would take off  her boots and snow suit
and go into the living room and sit by the heater.
She would get all comfy cozy and drink hot chocolate and read.

It would be really cold in the bathroom, it was pretty far from the heater;
after a bath the little girl would run into the living room to put her jammies on.
And in the morning she would get dressed there, too.

When they got a furnace and had heat in all the rooms
it was very nice not to be cold but she missed the heater.
Especially when the power went out.
The furnace needed power the heater just needed oil.

The heater was like a best friend;
reliable, there when you needed it, humming and warm,
ready to show the love.
it would heat the soup and hot chocolate.

It really was the best place to be.

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J is for playing jacks…

j4pThere was a little girl who

liked to play jacks.

Playing jacks was the best.

She could play by herself and have fun,
or she could play with a friend or several friends.

There were different variations of the game,
single, double, or no bounce,
around the world,
onesies, twosies, threesies…
and lots more.

In the summer the game was played outside.
It was hard on your hands though, playing on the porch or sidewalk.

In the winter jacks was played on the kitchen floor.
That was the most fun.

The floor was smooth and clean.
The bounced ball was easy to catch
because the floor was even, no bumps or ruts.
The jacks would slide around kind of crazy
so that was a bit harder but that made the game more fun.

The only bad part about playing jacks in the kitchen
was that sometimes when the game was over
all the jacks didn’t get picked up and put away.
Sometimes one would be missed.

It would hide in a corner or somewhere until
her daddy got up in the morning
and walked into the kitchen with bare feet.

Somehow he would always find that missing jack.
And when he did everybody knew it.

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