O is for old oil heater

o4pThere was a little girl who

had a favorite place in the winter.

It would be all cold and windy and snowy
and their house did not have central heat.

It would get very cold in the house except
near the oil space heater.


It was the best place to be.

After playing outside she would take off  her boots and snow suit
and go into the living room and sit by the heater.
She would get all comfy cozy and drink hot chocolate and read.

It would be really cold in the bathroom, it was pretty far from the heater;
after a bath the little girl would run into the living room to put her jammies on.
And in the morning she would get dressed there, too.

When they got a furnace and had heat in all the rooms
it was very nice not to be cold but she missed the heater.
Especially when the power went out.
The furnace needed power the heater just needed oil.

The heater was like a best friend;
reliable, there when you needed it, humming and warm,
ready to show the love.
it would heat the soup and hot chocolate.

It really was the best place to be.

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J is for playing jacks…

j4pThere was a little girl who

liked to play jacks.

Playing jacks was the best.

She could play by herself and have fun,
or she could play with a friend or several friends.

There were different variations of the game,
single, double, or no bounce,
around the world,
onesies, twosies, threesies…
and lots more.

In the summer the game was played outside.
It was hard on your hands though, playing on the porch or sidewalk.

In the winter jacks was played on the kitchen floor.
That was the most fun.

The floor was smooth and clean.
The bounced ball was easy to catch
because the floor was even, no bumps or ruts.
The jacks would slide around kind of crazy
so that was a bit harder but that made the game more fun.

The only bad part about playing jacks in the kitchen
was that sometimes when the game was over
all the jacks didn’t get picked up and put away.
Sometimes one would be missed.

It would hide in a corner or somewhere until
her daddy got up in the morning
and walked into the kitchen with bare feet.

Somehow he would always find that missing jack.
And when he did everybody knew it.

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Image wikimedia

Friday, celebrating friends…


This is the way I felt when I opened my Christmas gifts.
Not that I got ribbons.
But what I got…well, everything was worthy of !!!!’s.

There was not one thing that made me wonder
“What were they thinking?”
Every gift was perfect for me.

I am truly thankful for the gifts but more thankful for the givers.
They are the greatest gifts I have received.

Today, I think I have many friends to celebrate.

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Tuesday, a good day…


I had a really good day.

Sorta helped put up a Christmas tree.
I was more of a supervisor than a laborer.

Went to lunch with three friends.
The food and conversation were very good.
If you have an Olive Garden where you live you must have their Bread Pudding.
It is superb!

Then I went shopping with Lucy.
I was Christmas shopping.
Found a couple of things for friends.
Only bought two sweaters for myself!

Now Teddy and I are going to get all comfy in bed
with a book and hot chocolate.
A little reading then off to dreamland.

A good day from beginning to end.


top photo: m_bartosch/freedigitalphotos.net

Thursday, Christmas cactus gift…

This picture doesn’t do justice to the plant but I tried.
It is a pink and white Christmas cactus,
in full bloom and beautiful.


It was given to me by someone who didn’t know she was giving it away.

My friend, Lucy, and I were at Lucy’s mama’s house.
Lucy’s mama was not home.
While there  Lucy showed me her mama’s Christmas cactus collection.
There were several, different sizes and colors, all beautiful.
I told Lucy how much I liked them.
She said, “Do you want one of them?”

Being the thoughtful person I am I said,
“Oh no, I couldn’t take one of your mama’s cactus.”
She said, “She won’t mind. Which one do you want?”
I said, “Okay, I will take that big one.”
Then we left.

I felt sorta bad about taking something from someone’s house
when they weren’t even home.
But it was Lucy’s doing and if it wasn’t okay with her mama
she would have to deal with it.
But I know her mama and I was pretty sure she would be fine
giving me something even if she didn’t know she was.

Not only was it okay with Lucy’s mama, she said that when it stops blooming,
loses its flowers, and starts looking sad I should take it back to her
and she will make it healthy again…for me.

Yep, I can give it back ugly and get it back pretty.
Now that is a special gift!
Thanks Lucy’s mama.


Today, I think I know some pretty wonderous peeps.

Sunday, remembering…


I have never really had to do without something important,
like food and shelter and clothing.
There have been times in my life when I had very little
but I always had those three things.

There were a few years when I had to decide between paying for
the telephone or utilities or buying food.
Those were the years I sometimes paid rent with cash advances on my credit cards.
Those were years when I wondered what would happen if I lost my job.

Then I lost my job.

I signed up for unemployment benefits.
I looked for a job for five months.

During those five months I always had food, a place to live, and clothes.
I still had those things because:
I would get a note from a friend with twenty dollars in it.
A friend would call and take me out to lunch or dinner.
Someone would stop by and have a casserole with them or a bag of groceries.
When my birthday came, with all the gifts I received, it was like Christmas.

Then I got a job.
A good job…better than the one I had before.
I could pay all the bills on time.
No more cash advances on credit cards to pay the rent.

Life went on.


 I am a different person than I was before that hard time.
Who I am today is in large part because of the kindness of friends.
I became a better person.

I am blessed.
I am thankful.

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Today, I think this will satisfy both the 30 Days of Thankful
and telling you a little something about me.

Saturday, best friends…


Best Friends

She was about to go in but Jack was coming up the walk so she sat down on the porch swing.  It had been awhile since the last time they were together; a long while because of the harsh words that were said back then.  Her words were harsh, his were soft and gentle, and oh how they hurt.  She had told him being friends was not enough and it hurt too much knowing there would never be more so she wanted him out of her life.  All he said was, “I love you, Lizzie, have since I was five, and always will, nothing will ever change that”, then he left. And now here he is sitting on the swing with her; just sitting, close like the best friends they are and always will be.


This weeks prompt is: close

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