I shopped at the Amazon store…

Today is Two Shoes Tuesday
and the prompt is
sacred and/or store.

I have shopped at the Amazon store


Josie had a drawing to celebrate her
Two  Shoes Tuesday 100th post.

And I won!
$100.00 Amazon Gift Card.
So cyber shopping I went.

I have two new things:

A Charging Station for my tablet and phone.


It is great because it eliminates the need for extension cords
to accommodate all the wires needed to charge stuff.
As you can see it has places for three plugs
and what you can’t see is the place for three for USB cords.


My tablet is my alarm clock.
While I sleep it charges, :)
and wakes me up in the morning. :(

Then I got a super-duper Blu-Ray DVD player.
It plays all kinds of discs and has wi-fi.

With the wi-fi I can stream Netflix, Hulu, Pandora,
and other stuff I don’t know about yet.
I can also download stuff from my computer to a jump drive thingie
and  then plug the thingie into the DVD player and
I can see it on my computer.

As you can see the player is not hooked up.

The charger was simple…plug it in and done.

The DVD player has 17 pages of set up instructions.
I think I will need some time and patience when I tackle this project.
Maybe a bottle of wine.
Of course, the reviews on Amazon say it is easy to do.
But then the folks who posted those reviews
are the ones that survived the process to write about it.

I will let you know how it goes.

Thank you, Josie!

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Click on the shoes to see what others have to say.

The world wrapped in mist…

  Two Shoes Tuesday’s prompt this week is



I love to see the world wrapped in mist.
Everything fuzzy with all the hard edges blurred.
Sound in the city muted to a soft rumble.
Air infused with the scent of sweet ambrosia.
Gentle touches of wispy dew.
Earth being bathed; renewed and refreshed.
Baptized in readiness for new wonders.

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Click on the shoes to see what others have to say.

Friday, celebrating friends…


This is the way I felt when I opened my Christmas gifts.
Not that I got ribbons.
But what I got…well, everything was worthy of !!!!’s.

There was not one thing that made me wonder
“What were they thinking?”
Every gift was perfect for me.

I am truly thankful for the gifts but more thankful for the givers.
They are the greatest gifts I have received.

Today, I think I have many friends to celebrate.

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Thursday, Christmas cactus gift…

This picture doesn’t do justice to the plant but I tried.
It is a pink and white Christmas cactus,
in full bloom and beautiful.


It was given to me by someone who didn’t know she was giving it away.

My friend, Lucy, and I were at Lucy’s mama’s house.
Lucy’s mama was not home.
While there  Lucy showed me her mama’s Christmas cactus collection.
There were several, different sizes and colors, all beautiful.
I told Lucy how much I liked them.
She said, “Do you want one of them?”

Being the thoughtful person I am I said,
“Oh no, I couldn’t take one of your mama’s cactus.”
She said, “She won’t mind. Which one do you want?”
I said, “Okay, I will take that big one.”
Then we left.

I felt sorta bad about taking something from someone’s house
when they weren’t even home.
But it was Lucy’s doing and if it wasn’t okay with her mama
she would have to deal with it.
But I know her mama and I was pretty sure she would be fine
giving me something even if she didn’t know she was.

Not only was it okay with Lucy’s mama, she said that when it stops blooming,
loses its flowers, and starts looking sad I should take it back to her
and she will make it healthy again…for me.

Yep, I can give it back ugly and get it back pretty.
Now that is a special gift!
Thanks Lucy’s mama.


Today, I think I know some pretty wonderous peeps.

Saturday, guess I do have something to say…

images (60)

I sorta got in my head that I would post on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday…
no matter what!
Maybe some of the other days, too, if I get myself organized.
I don’t like it when I am not organized or don’t have some sort of schedule.

And here it is late Saturday and I haven’t a clue what to write about.
I have been brain-addled by the “what to do about Christmas gifts” thinking.

I don’t do a lot of “Christmas” but there are some peeps
that are too important to me to not do something
to express my appreciation and care for them.

Today I started gathering the stuff for what I am going to make
for most on my list.
Hope to get started tomorrow.
I am way late with this!
Had a terrible time coming up with something.
But the thinking part is done and now the doing can begin.

Okay, I did have something to write.

Today, I think I like it when I surprise myself.


Monday, a small thing…


There is something I like to do.
Actually, there are a lot of things I like to do,
this is just one of them.

It started with a blog I read
…bad me I cannot remember what blog…
it was years ago…before I started to write.
The blog was about doing something kind everyday.

Well, it got me to thinking about what I could do.
What I decided to do, and still do,
is put gift certificates in library books.
Nothing extravagant.
Just $2.00 certificates from Baskin-Robbins.

I put a little note on them, open the book, slide the coupon in,
and return the book to the library.
I have no idea if anyone has used one.
I hope so!

I am not telling you this to get pats on the back
but to let you know that I am thankful for the blog
…I can’t remember the name of…
that made me think about how blessed I am
and encouraged me to in some small way pay it forward.


Friday, sometimes small is the best…


Recently a friend sent me a gift.
A handmade sleeve for cups, glasses, and cans with my name embroidered on it.
I have used it and it keeps my glass of iced tea from sweating all over the table.
Great gift.
And she sent a book.
I just started reading the book and it is wonderful, very inspiring.
Great gift.
(Of course, when I finish it I will post a review.)

Along with those two things she sent a bookmark she made.


A great gift.
My favorite of all!

Sometimes the smallest things are the best.

Thank you my far away friend.

Today, I think my friend is very talented and thoughtful and knows me very well and I celebrate her!

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