The A to Z Challenge
letter for today is
i4pI love to use my imagination and daydream.
I have been a daydreamer all my life.
I see nothing wrong with it
But I seem to be in the minority these days.


These days no one wants a child to be bored.
When I was a kid it was ok to be bored.
It happened a lot.
Adults didn’t think it important or even necessary to entertain us.
We were expected to find things to do.
We had to use our imaginations
We could color or draw, read or write, do puzzles of one sort or another.
play games, make up stories or just be still.
Sometimes just being still was the best!

I remember laying in the grass watching clouds finding pictures in them.
Or being fascinated by ants going about their business.
Once I watched a mother bird encouraging her baby to try its wings,
I loved to watch the chipmunks play running up and down the drainpipes.
It was great fun to watch squirrels fill their cheeks with acorns and dig holes to bury them.
Then they would dig them up and bury them a foot away.
All of these little diversions led to mind meanderings and wonderings.
Somehow, the day wasn’t boring anymore it was filled with possibilities.

Now, kids seem to need to have someone or something to entertain them.
I think that’s kind of sad.
Who will be the visionaries of tomorrow if there is no one
imagining and daydreaming today?

And today I
Celebrate The Small Things;
like mind meanderings and wonderings, imagining and daydreaming.
If I didn’t have times that are “wasted” doing nothing I am pretty sure
my occasional ditziness would become full-time insanity.

Image: pixabay


Lost in Translation’s Thursday’s Special
guest challenger Suzanne at Art and Life has this prompt for us


My entry is maybe a bit of a cheat as it is not really an abstract photo.
It is a photo of a mixed media abstract painting I have in my guest room.
It was one of the first things I bought for my condo twenty years ago.


It seems every time I look at it I see something different.
Often what I see depends on my mood
or what is happening in my life.

I am sorry I don’t know who the artist is so I cannot
give credit where credit is due.
If anyone does know email me and I will acknowledge him/her here.

Click on the sphere to see more pictures.

Click on the sphere to see more pictures.

Monday, the perfect daisy…


The Daisy

While wandering through Grandma’s garden I was wondering if he loves me.
I saw the perfect daisy and I picked it and began to pluck its petals.
He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me.
Just a few more petals and I will have my answer.
He loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me no…
well, obviously this was not the perfect daisy!

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Click on the badge to see what others have written

Monday, a mind of its own…

Do you think inanimate things have a life or mind of sorts?
Sometimes, or maybe often, I think they do.

For example…I recently had some work done in my kitchen…there will be before and after pictures soon.
Anyway, there is this pretty new fangled faucet.

It has one handle and a pull down spout thingie.
There are three buttons that control how the water comes out;
one is standard water flow like any faucet, two is a concentrated spray, and three is spray.
The thing on the right is a soap dispenser.
All good.
Most of the time.
Or some of the time.

The concentrated spray and regular spray are fine…they behave as they were made to.
But the standard water flow is a bit contrary.
Sometimes it likes to have its friend the sprayer spray along.

Now to it having a life or mind of its own.
It will act up and then I threaten it with replacement.
I tell it I have ordered a new faucet and Andy the installer will uninstall the bad boy
and replace it with a good boy.
This seems to work…until it doesn’t.

Right now we are in a battle of the wills.
Who will win?
I have a one year guarantee…so the bad boy has one year,
or until I get really angry, to shape up and flow right.


Today, I think I need some chocolate ASAP.

Monday, Santa’s sleigh…

images (94)

I grew up in the Snowbelt where there was lots of..well…snow.  We almost always had a least a little snow at Christmas so there was little worry about how Santa’s sleigh would get around.  But I did wonder about how he managed in the warmer climates.

But being the brilliant child I was…some of the brilliance has sorta wore off with the years…I figured it out. 

Santa has lots of smart, inventive, creative, and hard-working elves that knew out how to fix the sleigh for warm places and for times there is no snow in cold places.

images (95)You see, the sleigh not only has runners it also has wheels.  The runners and wheels are retractable.  When there is snow Santa has the runners in place and when there is no snow he retracts the runners and lets the wheels down.

images (96)

Santa and his elves are no slouches.  They know what to do in all weather systems.  This fact certainly made the move to the South easier.

 I still worry a bit about the Easter bunny, though.  He doesn’t have transportation and he has a lot of miles to hop.