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N is for night owl…

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n4pThere was a little girl who

was a night owl.

She didn’t care about soaring
with the eagles in the morning,
afternoon soaring was fine with her.
But she definitely wanted to hoot
with the owls at night.


This was something of a problem.
Bedtime was eight pm. Period.

So off to bed she would go.
She would play with her teddy, My Guy,
tell stories and sing to him.

Mostly she would think.

She would think about the day she just lived,
about the day tomorrow, and the days after that.
And about when she was grown-up
she would go to bed when she was good and ready.

She would think about people in her life
and people she’d heard or read about that she didn’t know.

She would think about animals and birds,
the sky, weather, water, earth,
how glad she was they had indoor plumbing.

The little girl, also, thought about God.
Who He was and what He did and where He lived.
She wondered how He could hear everybody’s prayers
at the same time and not get them all mixed up.
She thought sometimes He did get mixed up
because some things were just crazy.

She wondered if He knew it was after eleven,
the news was over, the TV turned off,
and everybody was in their beds, asleep.
Everybody was asleep, except her.

Sometimes she would ask Him to please
make morning a little later in the day.

That never happened but she guessed He had to start the day early
being God and with all He had to do.

It was not easy being a little girl who was a night owl
and still had to be an eagle in the morning.

Image: morgueFile

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M is for motivation…

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m4pThere was a little girl who

learned a lesson in motivation from her mommy.

The little girl’s family had a really old refrigerator.
Sometimes it would get all icy or it wouldn’t get cold at all.

Her mommy,
who wasn’t too fond of the kitchen anyway,
hated that refrigerator.


One day when it wasn’t working her mommy
called daddy at work to tell him about
the **** refrigerator and she wanted a new one.

Daddy said just remove the bottom panel
and take a screw driver and wiggle the thingy-a-bob
a couple of times and it would be fine.

Mommy was not happy.

One thing you need to know about the little girl’s mommy
she could get very angry.
When she was very angry she was very strong.

Mommy hung up the phone,
unplugged the refrigerator, pushed it across the kitchen,
shoved it down the steps, out the door, and to the middle of the driveway.

When daddy came home they went to the store and bought a new refrigerator.

The little girl learned that anger can motivate you
to do things that seem impossible.

She also learned that when mommy was motivated
daddy was motivated, too.

Image: freedigitalphotos

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L is for library…

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There was a little girl who

loved the library.

She loved it because she loved reading
and the library had more books than she could count.


Before she knew how to read she would look at her picture books
and dream of the day she would read the words with the pictures.
She would look at her daddy’s books and wondered
how long it would be until she would have books with only words.

She could read a little bit before she went to school.
And once she learned to read for real
her daddy would take her to the library.

They went every two weeks.
Daddy would get a book or two and she would get a bunch.
Sometimes when they went back to the library
she would renew a book so she could read it again.
Some books were just too good to read only once.

The library was a wonderful place.
A place of books.
The little girl loved books.

Image: morgueFile

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K is for kindergarten…

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There was a little girl who

looked forward to the first day of kindergarten.

All summer she heard about what fun school was
and all the wonderful things she would learn and do.

Then the big day was here.
First day of school…ever.


Right from the first day the little girl knew
this was one of those things that adults
don’t tell the whole truth about.
They don’t lie but they make it seem something
other than what it really is.

1)  you have to get up early… really this isn’t a good thing
2) you have to hurry…no lolligagging…but
rushing is not how mornings are meant to be

Then once at school the “not quite the truth” continues

3) you have to sit where the teacher wants you to…even if it isn’t by a window
4) you have to stay in your seat… but sometimes you just need to wander around
5) you have to listen even when the lesson is boring…and it is often boring
6) you can’t talk unless you raise your hand first and
then you can only talk about the “subject”…even if you have something great to say
7) you have to stay until the teacher says you can go,..that is nonsense,
maybe there is something interesting happening in the hall or outside…
you can’t even go to the bathroom without “permission”

And the really horrible thing is

8) you have to go to school whether you want to or not…unless you are sick…
you know sometimes you need a day off just because

And the most horrible terrible awful unbelievable of all
9)  there is, counting kindergarten, at least 13 years of this.

!13 years!

School was okay.
There were fun new things everyday.
And there was so much to learn.
It was exciting!

But still there was that “you have to go to school everyday” rule.


The little girl realized why schools have fences around them.
They are prisons.

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Images: morgueFile
 school   fence

J is for playing jacks…

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j4pThere was a little girl who

liked to play jacks.

Playing jacks was the best.

She could play by herself and have fun,
or she could play with a friend or several friends.

There were different variations of the game,
single, double, or no bounce,
around the world,
onesies, twosies, threesies…
and lots more.

In the summer the game was played outside.
It was hard on your hands though, playing on the porch or sidewalk.

In the winter jacks was played on the kitchen floor.
That was the most fun.

The floor was smooth and clean.
The bounced ball was easy to catch
because the floor was even, no bumps or ruts.
The jacks would slide around kind of crazy
so that was a bit harder but that made the game more fun.

The only bad part about playing jacks in the kitchen
was that sometimes when the game was over
all the jacks didn’t get picked up and put away.
Sometimes one would be missed.

It would hide in a corner or somewhere until
her daddy got up in the morning
and walked into the kitchen with bare feet.

Somehow he would always find that missing jack.
And when he did everybody knew it.

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Image wikimedia

It, is a bad word…

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i4pThere was a little girl who

didn’t like “it”.

Seemed to her that when “it” was an answer
“it” was not what she wanted to hear.

When are we going…?
It will have to wait until later.

Can I…?
It’s not a good time.

Do you think we could…?
It will be too hard.

Can I have…?
It cost too much.

She didn’t understand why “it” was the way “it” was.

“It”  usually ended up being  negative.

“It” always seemed to mean



The little girl did not like
any better than

Except maybe when she asked,
“Can I go camping with my friend?”

The answer to that was
It will be ok, have a good time.

The answer should have been
It isn’t a good idea.

Image: openclipart

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H is for Hombre…

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There was a little girl who

loved hombres.


She wanted to live in the old West
and know hombres like
the Lone Ranger, the Cisco Kid, Wild Bill Hickok.

She even wanted to know the bad hombres like
Jesse James and Billy the Kid.

She had all the gear,
cowboy hat, boots, gun and holster.
All she lacked was a horse.
She wanted one but she was told
the backyard was too small for a horse.

Daddy went to a bar where he had a drinking buddy named,
Wyatt Earp.
That wasn’t his real name but she didn’t know that.
Her daddy would take her to the bar sometimes.

She fell in love with Wyatt Earp.
He wore fancy boots and a cowboy hat.
And he was very handsome…all hombres are good-looking.

 Wyatt Earp would play whatever song she wanted on the jukebox.
And he would buy her beef jerky and Cokes.
They even played Skee-ball.

One night her daddy came home from the bar
and told her Wyatt was killed in a car accident.

The little girl cried for a long time.

Image: pixabay: 

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