What is beautiful…

I have a problem with the popular concept of what is beautiful.
If our looks don’t quite conform to what the media
proclaims is beautiful then are we ugly?


Three hands, three generations, three places in life.
A babies hand.
Dimples, smooth, no lines, scars, wrinkles or knots.
Just beginning with a little history, a little story.
A mother’s hand.
Strong, some lines, wrinkles, rough, no dimples.
In the middle with some history, some stories.
A grandmother’s hand.
Soft, knots, bulging veins, wrinkles, and darkened skin.
Near the end with lots of history and stories.

Which hand is beautiful?
Look beyond what your eyes see and look with your heart.
Are they not all beautiful?

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Wednesday Wit and Wisdom

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Click on the shoes to see what others have to say.

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Sleeping cats…

The prompt this week for
In Other Words

“You cannot look at a sleeping cat and feel tense”
Jane Pauley

I agree with Ms Pauley!

When I look at Teddy sleeping all edginess and tensions of the day melt away.
It is calming to watch him and wonder about the dreams he dreams.


Same with Jack.


When Jack sleeps he often has a smile on his face.
Makes me wonder what he was up to while I was out
or what he is planning to do to get Teddy in a fit.

Pet the cat to see the words of others.

Pet the cat to see the words of others.

Intent and action and me…

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Yes, it is Thursday.
I tried for Tuesday, but it just didn’t happen.
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I looked up the two words to help decide what to write
and while doing so I learned something about myself.
Not really something new but after looking at the words
how I live and work and my strengths and weaknesses are clear.

  • Intent: noun; object, plan, goal
    Intent: adj; determined, attentive, concentrating, committed, resolute

Yes, that’s me, for sure.

  • Action: noun; acting, doing, execution, effect, influence, process,

Yes, that’s me, sort of.

Let me explain.


thinkI like and I am good at objectives, having a plan and goal,
I can think it through and find a way to make it happen.
I can concentrate and be attentive to the details,
but I sometimes lose sight of the big picture.
I am determined to get it done!


noworkI can effectively influence others and motivate them.
I can explain how the plan will be executed and the process involved,
I am a thinker and planner and motivator but not a good worker bee.
The actual doing of the plan is best left to others.

  I am more of a thinker than a doer.
But things do get done when I am around.

Images: pixabay

Click on the shoes to see what others have to say.

Click on the shoes to see what others have to say.

Looking for family…

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catandkitI thought I had found the perfect place with the best people for us to live with quietly and peacefully. The people here surprised me and I am not easily surprised. They talk sweet and nice, but they don’t love us or even like or understand us and they certainly don’t respect us.  When they started teasing and playing rough with the kid, my kid, I knew we had to leave before they broke his spirit.  So, here we are on the road again looking for a safe place to live, a sanctuary, a family.

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In Other Words

I am participating in the A to Z Challenge again.
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“You can’t have a better tomorrow if you are thinking about yesterday all the time.” 
Charles F. Kettering

.Use the quote or the author as inspiration; post
a story…fiction or non-fiction, a poem or memory,
a commentary, opinion or just a picture.
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The A to Z Challenge 
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I love x-rays and MRI’s and CAT scans.
Not necessarily having them taken
and I have had my share “pictures” taken.
I just like to see them. I always ask to see mine.
I have lots of questions and sometimes the doctors will answer them
but usually they don’t want to take the time.
When I had an MRI of my shoulder the radiologist
let me see the images and explained what was on them.
A broken arm and torn rotator cuff.  Painful but fascinating to see.

This is an x-ray of a flower.
xrflowerEven it is interesting and beautiful.
I was going to put a picture of a person’s x-ray but
thought maybe some people wouldn’t appreciate that graphic.

If I had known how interesting this part of medicine is maybe
I would have gone to medical school and become a radiologist.

Image: flickr