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U is for ugly…

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u4pThere was a little girl who

was very unhappy about her ugly
undershirts and shoes.


She wore undershirts like her little brother’s.
Sometimes the sleeves would hang below her dress sleeves
and the top would show above the collar.

Her shoes were  ugly old lady shoes.
They were always black or brown.
They made her feet look big and clumsy.

Oh, how she wanted undershirts and shoes like her best friend wore.


Her friend’s undershirts never poked out the sleeves or collars of her dresses.
They were pretty colors and had lace and a little bow or flower on the neckline.

The shoes her friend wore were called Mary Janes and they came in different colors.
And some of them had jewels on them.
They made her feet look small and cute.

No matter what the little girl said or did she had to wear the uglies.
She even cried.
There was no changing the minds of mommy and daddy.

It was sensible…
the undershirts kept her warm,
the shoes would help her feet stay healthy.

The little girl made do.
She pinned pretty things on her ugly undershirts
and rolled up the sleeves.
She glued buttons and stickers on the ugly shoes.

They were still ugly
but they made a statement.
The little girl liked that.

Images: Google

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T is for training wheels…

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t4pThere was a little girl who

loved to bicycle.

She had a best friend who had an older sister.
This older sister taught the little girl how to ride a bike.
Everyday the little girl would go down the street to her friend’s house,
get on older sister’s bike and ride.
Oh, the joy!


The problem with this was that there was only one bike for two little girls.
They had to share which was fine except when it wasn’t.
Of course, her friend had first dibs on the bike.
It was her sister’s bike soon to be her bike.

So the little girl started her campaign to get her own bicycle.

She was told she didn’t know how to ride a bike so didn’t need one,
she was too little for a big girl bike,
there was no pavement just a dirt road to ride on,
she would get hurt,
on and on and on.

She explained about girlfriend’s older sister teaching her to ride.
How she rode a big girl bike almost everyday.
She rode on the dirt road.
Yes, she did fall sometimes and it did hurt but riding a bike was worth it.

When all her efforts to explain that she should have a big girl bike
failed to convince the powers that be, mommy and daddy,
that she really should have a big girl bike
she did what any little girl would do.

She cried.

She got a bike.


Not exactly what she had in mind!

So, for most of the summer she would ride her bike,
with training wheels, down the road to her friend’s house
and take turns riding the big girl bike.

One day daddy saw her riding the big girl bike,
a bike without training wheels,
and he got very upset.
“Didn’t she know she was too little to ride a big bike?!”

For daddy’s seeing isn’t always believing.

First Image: pixabay
econd Image: morgueFile

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S is for starry nights…

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s4pThere was a little girl who

loved looking out her bedroom window on starry nights.
The sky was beautiful with all the twinkling stars up there.

She asked her mommy what the stars were.

Mommy said they were the lights in God’s house
shining through heaven’s curtains.


The little girl understood about God having lights in His house
but she didn’t understand why God would have curtains with holes in them.
It seemed to her He could get new curtains or have the angels fix the ones He had.

She pondered this a while;
but it wasn’t until her grampa died
that she figured it out.

The holes in God’s curtains are so the people who go to heaven
can look out and watch the people that they love who are still here on the earth.

Image: 123rfVeeranantSuwangulrut

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R is for radio…

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r4pThere was a little girl who

loved to listen to the radio.

She would sit on the floor in front of the radio
and listen to stories.


Her favorites were:
The Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, and The Cisco Kid.

It was exciting to hear the Lone Ranger stories.
Tonto didn’t say much but he sounded so wise.
They always got the bad guys and saved the day.

Roy and Dale sang songs and had a friend, Gabby Hayes.
Gabby was her favorite on that show.
He was very funny and she learned funny words from him.

The Cisco Kid and his pal, Pancho, had lots of adventures.
They always laughed at the end of their stories.

 She liked The Whistler and The Shadow, too.
She didn’t understand a lot of what was happening in these stories.
But the Whistler was the very best whistler!
And the Shadow had the eeriest music and when the deep voice said,
“The Shadow Knows”
she knew there were no secrets that could be kept from the Shadow.

She also listened to music.
Music could make her feel so many things,
it was magical and mystical.

She missed the big old radio when TV took its place.
It just wasn’t the same.

Image:  Google

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Q is for quiet…

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q4pThere was a little girl who

was very quiet.

Everyone would comment about how shy and quiet she was.
Really she was more an introvert than shy.
And though she was quiet, it was more that she was observant.

3-29-2014 9;14;18 PM

She watched everything and everyone around her.
She learned that being quiet was a good thing,
though, most people seemed not to think so.

She learned that people seemed to think quiet meant;
docile, manageable, submissive.
But she knew it meant;
insightful, perceptive, ingenious.

What people didn’t know about her was that
she was rebellious.

The little girl was not a wild and crazy kind of rebellious.
Her rebellion was determined and shrewd,
but still reckless and bold.
When she would get a bit older her rebellion would become
more obvious and startling to those around her.

But she was always true to herself.
She was a quiet rebel.

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P is for potted roses…

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p4pThere was a little girl who

could read lots of words before she went to school.
But she couldn’t always make sense of the words if they were in a row.

One day she was in the car with her big brudder and her mommy.
When they were stopped at a light she saw a billboard that said

Potted Roses for Sale


She knew what potted meant and what roses were and what for sale was saying.
She really didn’t understand why someone would sell potted roses.

Her daddy was sometimes potted and nobody liked it.
Mommy would say, “Your father is potted again.”
This was not a good thing.

So here was somebody advertising potted roses for sale.
Who did they think would want potted roses?

The little girl had lots of questions;
What did roses drink to end up potted?
Did they act differently potted than when they weren’t potted?
Did they get silly and dopey or loud and obnoxious?
Were they happy and laughing or sad and crying?
Did they stand up straight and pretend they were fine
or did they get wobbly and stumble around on their roots?

Did they get hang-overs and what were they like if they did?
Did they refuse to get up and if they did get up
were they droopy and mopey or loud and angry?

She asked her big brudder and mommy about the potted roses.
All they did was laugh until they cried.

The little girl was very confused.
Nobody laughed she when asked questions
about her potted daddy.

Image: freedigitalphotos

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O is for old oil heater

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o4pThere was a little girl who

had a favorite place in the winter.

It would be all cold and windy and snowy
and their house did not have central heat.

It would get very cold in the house except
near the oil space heater.


It was the best place to be.

After playing outside she would take off  her boots and snow suit
and go into the living room and sit by the heater.
She would get all comfy cozy and drink hot chocolate and read.

It would be really cold in the bathroom, it was pretty far from the heater;
after a bath the little girl would run into the living room to put her jammies on.
And in the morning she would get dressed there, too.

When they got a furnace and had heat in all the rooms
it was very nice not to be cold but she missed the heater.
Especially when the power went out.
The furnace needed power the heater just needed oil.

The heater was like a best friend;
reliable, there when you needed it, humming and warm,
ready to show the love.
it would heat the soup and hot chocolate.

It really was the best place to be.

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