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Get comfy and read something…

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With the weather icy cold it’s a great time to
wrap up in an afghan with some hot chocolate, a cat, and a book.

I am currently reading I Know This Much Is True by Wally Lamb
It is one of those books that it seems not much is happening yet
it is fascinating and I must keep reading.

If you don’t have anything to read just now here are some books
that I read and liked.

eveSilencing Eve by Iris Johansen ****

I have never been disappointed in anything Iris Johansen has written.  There are several books with Eve Duncan as the main character.  In this one Eve has been kidnapped by the father of a dead pedophile and would be terrorist. The question is whether Eve and her kidnapper have been killed in an explosion or did they escape?  It is no spoiler to say of course, they survived.  The twists and turns of the story and the personalities of those trying to find Eve keeps the story moving along.


An Invisible Thread by Laura Schroff and Alex Tresniowski ***

This is a true story of a New York journalist and the street kid she befriends. This unlikely friendship of Laura and Maurice is heartwarming and sad, encouraging and discouraging.  It made me wonder how a child who lives with neglect and abuse could trust anyone…ever.  Or how he survives and makes a good life for himself.  That is Maurice’s story.  Laura’s story is not so wrenching but she didn’t have the easiest time growing up.  She was successful in her career and had many friends but still felt adrift.  She doesn’t know what made her turn around and offer to take the 11-year-old panhandler to supper…but she did.  Definitely a book worth reading.  It might make you think about your own life a bit more realistically.  Personally, I know I never would have survived a life like Maurice’s.

lowThe Lowland by Jhumpa Lahiri ****

This is so well written it took my breath away.  It is lyrical prose.  The story takes place in India and the United States.  About two brothers and a woman.  Politics, revolution, family, tragedy, love.  It’s all here and as beautiful and awful as it can be.  I got the book at the library and thought maybe it would be okay.  Sure shows how wrong I can be about the cover of a book.  Read this book!

ipoThe I.P.O. by Dan Koontz ***

This was a free Amazon e-book.  I downloaded it because it was free and I misread the author’s name and thought it was written by Dean Koontz.  When I realized it was written by Dan not Dean I thought about not reading it. Never heard of Dan and not all that interested from the title and promo blurb.  But what the heck I was all comfy and ready to read so I read.  It was a good story.  James Tyler starts up a company that arranges adoptions of exceptional children.  Children who have the potential to change the world with their intelligence, talents, and gifts. The adoption agency is a corporation, on the stock market, that trades on the future success of the children.  I liked the book it was interesting and thought provoking.

So, that’s it for today.

Happy week-end.

You might like one of these…

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Black Cat Book Review


Today instead of doing a review I am going tell you
just a little about some books I have recently read.

maidThe Maid’s Version by Daniel Woodrell

A bitter woman, estranged from her son, tells a story about a tragic fire to her grandson. I liked this book, although, I did find it hard to get into.  Once on my way I became interested in the characters and was quite surprised by the ending.

testTestimony by Anita Shreve

A sad story all around.  There is an incident at a boarding school involving 3 boys and a girl.  Because it was recorded and put on the internet it becomes a major crisis in many lives; the 4 students, their parents, the Head Master, friends, and community.  Each chapter is a testimony of the people involved and at times seems a bit simplistic but it does add to the character study of each person.

waterWe Are Water by Wally Lamb

A story about marriage and family and the secrets in them.   Anna, a successful outsider artist, has left her husband of twenty-seven years and is getting ready to marry her lover, a woman.  The turmoil this causes in the lives of her ex-husband and grown children is understandable and Shreve deftly tells each side of the story.  I came to like everyone in the family and wanted all to be happy.  There is a ghost in the story, part of a story within the story. Not spooky or eerie it makes the book richer.

neverNever Go Back by Lee Child

This is a Jack Reacher story.  Child has written tales of Reacher for years but this is the first I have read.  I like Reacher even though he is a bigger than life kind of tough guy and I usually prefer underdogs and normal folks. There is lots of action and intrigue and some humor.  I will say that after reading this and getting to know Jack Reacher I cannot image why Tom Cruise was ever cast to play him in a movie.  I am glad I read a Jack Reacher novel and now have no plans to see the movie.

dollycat_thumb.gifSo there you have it…books I liked and recommend to fellow readers.
Happy reading.


Wednesday, I have this…



love or fondness for books or reading

Friday, it’s about the news habit…

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A while back Kate at Views and Mews by Coffee Kat asked the question, “Do you read newspapers?”

 Well, when it comes to this topic I guess I am a dinosaur.  I like the real newspaper. You know the one printed on paper that is delivered to your door early in the morning.  Don’t get me wrong I love my computer and Nook but I still gotta have the morning paper.


Not that I always read it in the morning or actually read the whole thing.  I have my way of perusing the news.  I look at the front page headlines, then on page two is the weather, must look at that so I know how to dress.  Then I look at the obituaries, not sure why I do this.

I remember making fun of my mother because she checked out the obituaries first thing.  I didn’t understand the attraction.  I still don’t understand and now I am the one doing it…first thing. Well, third thing.  Maybe it is just an old thing.  I didn’t get the habit until after I was fifty.

If it is a day I am  not working, the comics are next, Dear Abby, then on to the puzzles.  Crossword, Word Jumble, and Word Game…in that order, always.  

Then I look at, not really read, the rest of the paper, except the Sports.  I rarely, if ever, read the Sports pages.sports

And after all that I check out the sale brochures.  The days I work just the first three get done in the morning the rest has to wait until afternoon.

I will be very unhappy if/when the day comes that I have to do all this on the computer or digital reader.  I guess I would get used to it but that doesn’t mean I would like it.

images (86)

Hasn’t this been the most interesting of boring posts you have read in days?!

Today, I think I need to get out more.

Tuesday, what I thought about the book…

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The other day I was looking at the list of books that I read last year.  Some of them I wrote reviews but many I did not.  So I thought that today I would tell you what I thought about some of them.
 Not reviews just a word or two about why I did or did not like the book

These  were ok but just…they got a ** rating


  1. The Lost Angel by Javier Sierra–the story was ok but it seemed to ramble on a bit.
  2. The Joy of Less by Francine Jay–I guess I would have liked it more if there was less of it.
  3. Peace Pilgrim In Her Own Words–this was collection her words put together by her friends–they repeated things a lot
  4. What Your Childhood Memories Say About You by Dr Kevin Leman–the title is about as long as the book–nothing really new in it except you learn about the good doctor and his  family 

These I thought were good…gave them ***


  1. Touched by Angels by Debbie Macomber–I just like the way she writes simple and kinda sweet always with a happy ending you can see from chapter one.
  2. The Search Committee by Tim Owens–if you have ever been on a church committee for anything you will recognize the characters and appreciate the humor
  3. The Invisible Ones by Stef Penney–I gave this 3 stars but I don’t know why because I don’t remember a thing about it
  4. A Month At The Shore by Antoinette Stockenberry–I liked it but it is forgettable
  5. The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson–it was highly recommended  and it was pretty good–about prayer

This one was more than good ****


  1. A Dark and Lonely Place by Edna Buchanan–two stories in one that weave together past and present–of all the books listed read this one

Ok, so that’s it.  I have some more to tell you about on another day.

 If you have read any of these let me know what you thought.

Monday, N is for nifty new Nook…

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About a week ago I bought myself a ColorNook with my tax refund. I have wanted one since I saw one that my friend has. I read a lot and think this will be another way to have a reading stash. Especially nice that it won’t require another bookcase.

It did take me most of a day to get the wi-fi thingie set up. I needed to have my AT&T wi-fi password. Not only did I not remember the password I didn’t even remember having one to start with. The first contact with AT&T I was told to go to a web site and it would tell me how to get the password. Sounded easy-peasy. However, you need your password to get access to your account to get your password. Hmmmm…very interesting.


Alien2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With the second contact it seems the customer service person and I live on different planets. I was unable to explain exactly what I needed and why and I became kinda frustrated and decided to end the conversation, politely of course, and try again another day.

On another day, I connected with a person that knew exactly what I wanted and why–maybe she has a Nook–and in less than five minutes I was ready to go ! \O/

So, now I have my calendar, reminders, to-do list, Pandora, notes, email, and Hangman game all loaded and have used them.  And I have a case to keep my new toy protected.

I do not have any books on it though. Why, you ask? Because I have four books from the library, one from a friend, and one to review for Tyndale that I want to read before I get any other books. Who has time to read something on a Nook?

I can hardly wait until I do have time to read a book on my nifty new

Saturday, reluctant lawyer and dog lover…

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A Black Cat Book Review

One Dog Night by David Rosenfelt

Andy Carpenter is a lawyer, a wealthy lawyer.  He does not have to work and prefers not to, in fact, he does all he can to avoid having clients.  Andy is happy to spend his time with his buddies and the two ladies of his life, Laurie, the woman he loves, and Tara, the Golden Retriever he rescued from an animal shelter.  He will do pretty much whatever they ask of him.

Noah Galloway knows about drugs. He was a desperate homeless drug addict for years.  He hit bottom, sought help, and is now successful, married, and has a son.  He has been appointed by the President to be the White House messenger at a conference about the war on drugs.  But Noah Galloway has a secret that is going to be exposed.

Six years ago there was a fire in an apartment building that killed 26 people.  Noah knows he started the fire.  He does not remember starting it or the how or why of it; he just knows he is guilty.

Andy Carpenter and Noah Galloway do not know each other but have two things in common, the dog Tara, and women who believe in them.  Tara and the women convince Andy to take Noah as a client and defend him in court.  What follows is the uncovering of a conspiracy involving big business, a judge, mob crime bosses, drug lords, politics, and a little boy.

Though the mystery of the fire and the conspiracy are far from humorous Rosenfelt’s Andy Carpenter is a man who sees the absurd and humor in life, especially his life.  There are several conversations that Andy has with himself that are laugh out loud funny.  You cannot help but like this dog lover, loyal friend, reluctant defense lawyer who will not forsake the innocent and does whatever it takes to have their innocence proven in a court of law.


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