Tuesday, a good day…


I had a really good day.

Sorta helped put up a Christmas tree.
I was more of a supervisor than a laborer.

Went to lunch with three friends.
The food and conversation were very good.
If you have an Olive Garden where you live you must have their Bread Pudding.
It is superb!

Then I went shopping with Lucy.
I was Christmas shopping.
Found a couple of things for friends.
Only bought two sweaters for myself!

Now Teddy and I are going to get all comfy in bed
with a book and hot chocolate.
A little reading then off to dreamland.

A good day from beginning to end.


top photo: m_bartosch/freedigitalphotos.net

Tuesday, good and bad customer service…


Today I was out and about walking and shopping.
I shopped in three stores.

Two of them had friendly, but not clingy, staff.
They asked if I needed help.
If I did they helped if not they left me alone
but did come back after awhile to see if I was still doing okay.
When I was ready to check out they were right there to help.
Good customer service.  Nice places to shop.

The third place was so different.
No one asked if I needed help.
When I did have a question about the price of an item
I was buying…it rang up different than the sign on the shelf…
I was told what it rings up as is right the sign was probably wrong.
I asked if it could be checked…probably wrong didn’t seem definitive to me…
I was told no the cash register is usually right.
Somehow “probably and usually” doesn’t seem like good customer service.
Bad customer service.  Not a nice place to shop.

I have always had jobs that were sales and customer oriented.
What I learned is that sales are better when the atmosphere is pleasant and friendly.
I also learned that whatever I am feeling or thinking
is not as important as the customer.

Maybe I am leaving ditzy behind and becoming crotchety with old age.

images (86)

Today, I think I don’t like crotchety so I probably won’t go back
to the usually unfriendly unhelpful store any time soon.

Saturday, last of the shopping…

It’s off to shop I go.

images (80)

My gift making and shopping is done except for one gift card to get for the paper man.  

Today I am off to get some wrapping paper and ribbon and bags so I can send off the last of the goodies.

images (81)

 They may or may not get to the intended recipients before the big day.

 If they are late they can be Happy New Year’s gifts.

images (82)

That works, too.


Monday, this is just trash…

One of many garbage bags at a sports event.

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I have been wondering…how do I make so much trash?  I am one sorta normal person with one old cat. How much trash can I/we generate?  Apparently a lot.  I mean I have a trash can that uses 13 gallon trash bags, and I take full bags, bags full of trash, to the trash chute a few times a week.

We don’t have a recycling thing here in this building.  I know, I know, bad building.  But you try to get 84 owners to agree about anything, even something as simple as recycling.  If you can do it you deserve a prize of some sort, maybe a lifetime supply of garbage bags.

Anyway, no recycling so there are newspapers to toss.  I do sort of recycle the couple of magazines I get.  I put them in the laundry room for someone else to throw away.  Then when I pay bills and clean up my desk there is a heap of paper to be rid of.  I do conscientiously shred those papers that could lead to identity theft.  Though, who would want the identity of someone with all these bills is beyond me.

Then there is the kitchen trash.  No lawn or garden here so no composting. That means peels and leaves and scraps and stuff–cats don’t eat table scraps–maybe I should get a dog.  No, that would mean taking it out for “walks” every day, more than once a day–remember no yard.  There is also all those pesky frozen food boxes and cans of veggies and soda bottles–lots of soda bottles and maybe a couple of water bottles.  Oh, and the occasional wine bottle.

Then when shopping there are bags, yes, I do have tote bags for shopping, but sometimes I don’t have one with me when I shop.  Shopping is not something I always have planned, sometimes it just happens.  And when you come home there are not only bags to carry the stuff home in but the bags the stuff is wrapped in and tags and receipts and sometimes ads and coupons.

As for the cat, she doesn’t have much trash.  Just 2 little cat food cans a day–sometimes 3 if she didn’t like what she was given first time.  Yes, she is spoiled but remember she is 18!  And old cats pee more than young or middle-aged cats so there is a ton of litter to wrap up and throw away every day.  Did you know that old cats don’t poop much?  Or maybe it is just my old cat.  Still there is litter to deal with.



a cat and a Litter box
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 Today, I think maybe I am just a trashy old woman. Well, not so old but definitely trashful.

PS. trashful, adj, a person with lots of junk that needs to be discarded

PPS. Junk could even be a person’s inner junk, but that’s another post.


Friday, the black one…

Today is Friday, November 26, 2o10

Today is Black Friday, the day that retailers wait in eager anticipation for big sales and bigger bank deposits.  It is said that for many retailers this day is a make or break day.  Stores open very early in the morning, sometimes before the sun comes up.  And this year many are opening late on Thanksgiving Day to get a jump on their competitors for every sale they can get.

This Black Friday phenomenon is a mystery to me.  I like to shop but before the sun comes up?  I don’t open my eyes before the sun comes  up let alone get dressed and go to the mall.  But for some folks this is the day to shop and the earlier the better.

When I see pictures and hear reports of the madness that happens the Friday after Thanksgiving I can’t help but wonder where all these people are the rest of the year.  Is this the only day they leave their homes and venture out to spend money.  Is this some sort of natural instinct that causes these folks to shop on this particular day–like the buzzards that return to Hinckley, Ohio the same day every year?

Frankly, I think the buzzards are smarter than the Black Friday shoppers–they don’t spend any money, no one knocks them over to get into the tree first, they don’t get tired and cranky because they are there resting,  they seem to enjoy themselves watching the people watch them, and they don’t seem to mind when people say they are ugly or weird-looking.

Really they are more funny looking than ugly.  Maybe they think the people who flock to Hinkley to see them flock to Hinkley are ugly and  weird.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…