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We Were Blue…

Three Line Tales Week 26

photo by Maher El Aridi


This is fun and so exciting  being together in our native blue camp lodges while we wait for the others to finally join us. I can’t help wondering if after all this time they will know us now that we have completed our metamorphosis and become like everyone else here and no longer look like foreigners. Wasn’t it funny when we first got here and the native peoples were surprised that we were blue because they thought all people from other worlds were green?

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There is no…

In Other Words

“There is no fun in doing nothing when you have nothing to do.”
Jerome K  Jerome

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With that thought…

I have little to add to Tuesday Chatter this week.
I think the heat is shrinking my brain.
With that thought…


Aren’t ostriches the funniest critters?
They have such little heads and very expressive faces
nature-1428589_640 on such long necks.

Their legs are so long and powerful
ostrich-217135_1280too bad they end with such ugly feet!
They are sort of prehistoric looking like maybe they are akin to dinosaurs.

I hear they are good parents but I don’t know if that is true,
but this mama or papa (I am not familiar with ostrich genders
to identify which this is but it looks like a mama to me) sure is
beautifully proud of her chicks.

So that’s what came out of my heat shrunk brain this week.
Do you think when it cools off, if it ever does, I will become swell-headed
or will I remain a shriveled brain?

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Goals and prizes…

This week’s prompt for
In Other Words

“Striving for excellence motivates you,
striving for perfection demoralizes you.”
Harriet Braiker

stairway-828883_640I can’t say I strive for excellence or that it motivates me.  I just want to be good.  Not goody-two-shoes-good, but positive and poised, honorable and honest, courteous and compassionate, friendly and faithful, genuine and good.  I’m fine with being average and though I do think excellence is something we can achieve if we work hard and accept help along the way it’s just not a part of my life agenda.

goal-991460_640I certainly don’t strive for perfection so I am not demoralized by it.  I am trying to be the best me I can be and as hard as I try I am far from perfect. However, I believe the older I get the closer I get to being perfect.  I believe perfection is what we can aspire to but cannot realize in this life for when perfection is realized it is done.

Excellence is the goal. Perfection is the prize.

In Other Words
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