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About Christmas…

Friendly Fill-Ins Week 31

  1. I love the following Christmas film(s) I can’t think of one.


  1. I don’t care for the following Christmas film(s)…apparently, Christmas movies haven’t made an impression on me, can’t think of one I didn’t like either.


  1. At the holidays, I cannot resist the food!


  1. A favourite holiday memory of mine is the year we went as a family to get a tree and putting it up with all the decorations and tinsel. It was the prettiest tree ever. After we sat looking at it for awhile and feeling quite proud of ourselves we went to the kitchen and sat down to supper. Before we finished supper we heard a quiet tinkling from the living room then a whoosh and a crash. We ran in there to see our beautiful tree flat out on the floor. After a stunned silence, we laughed hilariously and pulled the tree back up and wired it to the wall. Even though it looked a bit bedraggled we loved it even more because of the laughter and knowing what a great story it would be for years to come.


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Raining and giving…

 Tuesday Chatter


Today has been cold and rainy all day. I was having lunch with a friend who observed in a kind of despairing way about what a dreary day it was. It surprises me when people are unhappy when there is a dreary day. I told her a day or two of this kind of weather doesn’t bother me, it reminds me of where I grew up in Northeastern Ohio where it is often dreary this time of year. She made no response to my comment and we went onto other things to talk about. How do you feel about dreary days?  Granted I don’t like it if there are several days of cold rain and no sunshine but a couple of days of it is sort of comforting.

“There is no such thing as bad weather,
only different kinds of good weather.”
John Ruskin


In Other Words
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In Other Words
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About gifts…

Friendly Fill-Ins Week 30


1.I have a hard time finding a gift for the person whose name I draw for the gift exchange at work.

thinking-cat-1520277_6402.I have no problem finding a gift for the person whose name I didn’t draw for the gift exchange at work.

sibring3.One of the best gifts I ever gave was the “mother’s ring” I gave to my mother. It has the birthstones of my brothers and me. There is a diamond, a topaz, and an aquamarine.She was so excited! I have the ring now and call it my sibling ring.

4.One of the best gifts I ever received was my cat, Dolly. She was given to me by a friend of my brother and came at a time when I needed another heartbeat living with me. She was six weeks old when she came to me and nineteen years when she left. She was the perfect Diva.


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Things done…


Today I am Celebrating the Small Things

After months of thinking about it, seeking advice, going back and forth about what to do, and being a bit crazed I have made my decision. Can’t tell you what it is just yet
but after New Years I will.

I am almost done with Christmas shopping. I don’t do anything major in the way of gifts, just little thought gifts. Usually, I make something but this year I did not. I might make cookies or something, though.

The bit of holiday decorating I do is done.

 I am ready for the holiday and it isn’t even the week of the big day.

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Pink elephants…

A Three Line Tales Week 44

photo by Baher Khairy via Unsplash
photo by Baher Khairy via Unsplash

Pink Elephants

It had been a wonderful girl’s night out, first one in ages, and she drank too many Margaritas.  She was paying for it this morning but the kids have to eat no matter what her head and stomach felt like so here she was in the kitchen making breakfast. She had always heard that after a night of drinking people saw pink elephants…somebody should have told her about rainbow colored biscuits.

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