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Filling in the blanks…

Friendly Fill-Ins Week 16

  1. I wish I could think of something that someone would bring back so I could fill in catcompthese blanks with something other than what I have written here.

2. An act of kindness that I do often is taking home cooked meals to my neighbors.

 3. I still have my teddy bear from my childhood.

4.  If I didn’t have the local library to visit and borrow books from, I’d be completely lost.

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“Books may well be…

In Other Words

“Books may well be the only true magic.”
Alice Hoffman

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Just write!
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To-do list still to do…

It’s time to
Tuesday Chatter with Eugenia
and I have this to say for myself.

I had a to-do list for today.
Here’s what I did .


  1. Read the paper and did the puzzles
  2. Went for a walk
  3. Had a bag of chips and a coke for lunch
  4. Played with the cats
  5. Started a crochet project
  6. Played some games on my Kindle
  7. Got on the computer, got side-tracked by an email and bought a phone
  8. Wrote and scheduled a blog post which led to wandering in computer land
  9. Ate supper
  10. Got back to the computer and once again wandered all over cyber-world
  11. Now I am here

There were other things I did but I can’t remember exactly what.

I still have today’s to-do list to do.
I think I will throw this list away and make one for tomorrow.
Oh, wait.
I work tomorrow and when I come home from work I won’t want to do anything.
No point in making a list for tomorrow.
I will make a list for Thursday.

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August on my block…

August in this part of the country has been HOT!
It started out just hot and dry.
This is what I saw on one of my walks.
I don’t know the official name of this plant,
we just call it palmetto grass.
Somehow it manages to look cool in the heat.

August didn’t stay just hot and humid.
It got HOT and HUMID.
Then the rains came making it
HOT and HUMID and WET.
This is what I saw on a walk last week.


Yep, mushrooms on lawns and under shrubs.
The weather peeps say it is going to cool down to the 90’s this week,
still humid but no rain expected until the weekend.
I am so ready for some cooler drier weather.
I mean COOL as in CHILLY
none of this cool 90’s stuff.

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Unique parts and purposes…

“Each of us has a unique part to play in the healing of the world.”
Marianne Williamson

Yes, I believe we are beings with unique parts to play. I think there are many basic reasons for our being here that are common to all of us.  I also believe that there is a reason for each of us that is a paramount purpose, something that is ours alone to accomplish.

I think we are here to love and be loved, to work, contribute, and serve to make the world a woman-1195276_640safe, healthy, peaceful home for all. How we do this is determined by our skills and abilities, education and beliefs, dreams and aspirations. Some may do many things and others may have few accomplishments. Some may make big important discoveries or inventions and others may live quiet unassuming lives that seem small in comparison. But all of us are needed in some way.

As for our paramount purpose, it may be of major importance for all the people of the world or for just one person. Some may know what their purpose is and some may not. Some might know the what and when and where and who of their purpose, however, I believe most do not know. What we know or don’t know doesn’t matter. We could accomplish our assigned task early in life or on the last day of our life. I doubt anyone leaves this earth without fulfilling their purpose.

I know what my basic responsibilities are,
but do I know what my principal purpose is?
Nope, haven’t a clue!
Do you know yours?

In Other Words
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Teddy’s fill-ins…

hi, everybody, it’s me, teddy!
mama said I could do the friendly fill-ins this week.
this is so great being on the ‘puter again.


this is week 15 of the friendly fill-ins
but my first week doing it. mama is such a ‘puter hog.
so here goes.

  1. When I run out of canned cat food, I use mama’s tuna instead. i really like it when there is no cat food. doesn’t happen often enuff!

      2. My guru is i’m not sure what a guru is but i think it is prolly my mama.

      3. I am afraid of people, every people everywhere, except my mama.

      4.I feel empowered when jack runs away from me and i chase him then he lays down all wimpy like and i bites him and pull his hairs out.

that’s it for me.
have a good weekend!

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