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#A to Z Challenge…T

T2016 is for T2016hinking

The Way I See It


I have been thinking about what to write for today’s letter, T. I started thinking this morning but after I read the paper and did the puzzles I didn’t feel like thinking anymore so I took a nap. Then when I got up from the nap and got dressed I started thinking again about what to write using T. Still no thoughts I wanted to use in a post.

I thought maybe I would be inspired if I moved around and got some work done. I spent a couple of hours cleaning the kitchen…even cleaned under the stove and refrigerator. Still, no scintillating ideas related to T so I had something to eat and read for awhile. Then I did laundry and played games on my tablet and fed the cats their supper.

Now here I am typing away about nothing related to T except that I have been thinking about it. I don’t have anything and don’t think continuing to think about T is going to change that fact.

The way I see it…sometimes thinking goes nowhere and ya just gotta stop and do something else. So toodles and tata for tonight.

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TToT, third week of April…

Ten Things of Thankful


  1. My new balcony railing! I knew I had a good view before but now I know that it is truly breath-taking. I feel like I am living in a treehouse. I know I have said this before but I am still amazed by it.
  2. I went to Subway and had a Black Forest ham sandwich.  After six weeks of no meat just veggies and fish, it was wonderful to chow down on that sammich.
  3. The clerk at the drugstore who was so helpful. I had forgotten my glasses and he helped me find what I was looking for. He was very patient with a great sense of humor.
  4. Bought some flowers to fill in pots that have perennials in them. Verbena, Bocopa, and Cosmos. All so colorful.
  5. Painted the last of the flower pots…another check on the to-do list. Now just need to get some plants to put in them and my gardening will be done…for now.
  6. We had some sweet soft rain. The perfect kind of rain for gardens. It was beautiful as I watched it moving over the city to where I live.
  7. Got my fans out and cleaned them up. So far I haven’t had the A/C on but I know the day is coming and until it does the fans are great for keeping the apartment comfortable.
  8. Netflix is great. I can watch movies at home and pause them if I want or go back and watch a scene again. It’s not expensive and I see more movies than if I had to go to the theater to see them and probably see some I wouldn’t normally go see.
  9. My blood pressure is lower than it has been in several years. Wonder if the veggie diet during Lent had anything to do with it?
  10. Watching Teddy play with his new toy. It’s a mouse with treats in it. He has to bat it around for the treats to come out. He is so funny trying to get those treats!

So that’s it for this week.
Blessings all around!

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S2016 is for S2016weet S2016orrow

The Way I See It


One of the facts of life is that we all experience sadness and sorrow during our lives. When you know the joy of love you will also know the sorrow of parting.  Whether the parting is for just awhile or forever, by choice or forced, due to circumstances or death there is sorrow in life.

As joy is subdued by the thought that nothing in this world is forever so sorrow is touched with the grace of memories. It is by the grace of memories that sorrow moves through darkness bringing us back into the light of joy. This journey is not effortless or uncomplicated and though we do not suffer the journey alone it is ours alone to take. We must bear the burden of heartache and loneliness within ourselves finding our way with tears to soften the pain.

Once we come to the end of the journey of our grief we enter a place of solace and can again know the comfort of peace. We will have learned we are stronger than we thought, there is light even in darkness, tears are cleansing and heal our wounds.

The way I see it… one of the lessons of life is that with love there is the joy of wholeness and the sweet sorrow of parting.

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New railing, finally…

Celebrating The Small Things

I am celebrating my new balcony railing has been installed! It has not been an easy job. The lower floors weren’t too bad but the upper floors took some muscle and care. Not easy to remove the old and lower it to the ground then hoist the new and install it. The crew was super nice and polite and did a great job. They worked fast and cleaned up after themselves.

The lower floors weren’t too bad but the upper floors took some muscle and care. Not easy to remove the old and lower it to the ground then hoist the new and install it. I live on the top floor and the crane/hoist only worked to the floor below me. The new railings would not fit in the elevator so they figured out how to bring them through an apartment below my floor and lift it over the open atrium railing. It was quite fascinating to watch.

While the guys were doing the work I took a book downstairs and read in the lobby. Taking the old railing out and installing the new was noisy! When they were done I came back upstairs and walked into the apartment and looked out the glass door and it was breath-taking. The improvement of the look and view is amazing.  I feel like I am living in a treehouse!

I did get some before pictures but don’t have after(s) yet. I want to show off my balcony but it will have to wait a few days.  I think this is called a teaser. 😉

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R2016 is for R2016ich

The Way I See It

I never thought about getting rich. I think I always knew that wealth was not in my future. Although, I did date a wealthy man for a time. He talked marriage but I didn’t listen. When I told my mother she asked why I didn’t marry him and I said I liked him but didn’t love him. She rolled her eyes and said, “Marry him, love will come later.” I didn’t listen to her either.

Anyway, money has never been especially important to me. For many years I lived paycheck to paycheck and sometimes bought groceries with my credit card because the rent was due or had to choose between paying the telephone or utilities. But I always had a decent place to live and I never went hungry or had anything turned off for nonpayment. I will admit I was happy to see those days end and a savings account opened but I wasn’t rich then and am not rich now.

Though I am not rich monetarily, I am rich in friendships. There are people I love who love me. I know that if I need help I have only to ask and help is given. One time I was talking with a friend about aging and I told her that because I don’t have a close family I sometimes worry about what would happen if I got sick or had an accident and couldn’t care for myself. She seemed surprised and told me I have no reason to worry because she and a few other people would be there for me if I needed them. I almost cried. Money can’t buy that kind of love.

The way I see it…I am one of the richest people in the world!

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Q2016 is for Q2016uiet

The Way I See It

I am quiet. I like quiet. I need quiet. That’s just the way it is and has been all my life. One of the things I disliked about school (and there were many) was the noise. First grade was a shock. It was never quiet. There was always some noise. In third grade, I had a wonderful teacher who every afternoon turned the lights off and had us put our heads down on our desks and rest…quietly. It was the second-best time of the day, the first best being when we could go home.  I really didn’t like school!

Working was often difficult because most of my working life required talking and listening to others talk…a lot. Somehow I made it work.  Like school, the best thing about work was the time to go home…getting paid helped keep the angst of being there controlled.

Because I like quiet I tend to stay to myself. I have to be careful that my desire for solitude doesn’t isolate me from people and life. I make a point to make plans to meet friends and when invited somewhere I make sure that when I get there I join in with the group. No matter how much fun I may have and how much I enjoy my friends I am happy when it is time to go home…where it is quiet and I am alone.

I know some folks think I am terribly shy, others think I am “stuck-up” or a snob and think I am better than they are but none of that is true. I am not antisocial or weird. What I am is a quiet person who likes being alone most but not all of the time.

The way I see it…I may be a little ditzy but I am basically normal. Well, except for that quiet and alone thing, I guess.

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