thankfulness · Thursday

Thursday, thankful…

Sweet Henry Napping

Today is Thursday,  September 16, 2010

I am so thankful I have no problem sleeping.   Most of the time I fall asleep quickly and stay asleep until the alarm wakes me.  Well, there is one potty time in there but I hardly wake up for that,  just enough to get to the pot and back to bed.  I know that  many people  have difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep or sleeping at all for that matter.  That must be awful–more than awful.  If you are one of them I am so sorry.

And I can nap.  Whenever.  I really do not even have to be tired to take a nap.  Just let me lay down in the afternoon (or late morning or early evening) preferably with my cat and I am out of the game for an hour.

I do not know why I can sleep so easily.  Maybe I am too shallow to have worries or  be troubled by much.  Maybe I am just an empty-headed ditz.  Who knows.   I am not going to study it too closely.   All I know is I am thankful for the gift of sleep and sweet dreams.  Okay there is the occasional nightmare–and if it wakes me up I go right back to sleep–no problem.  Sweet!