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Today is Friday, September 24,2010
I once heard some comments about an unmarried childless woman who was in an upper level management position with a large company.  She was quite successful and well-liked.  In her office she had a picture of her dog on her desk.  Her co-workers had some, in my opinion, strange thoughts about this.

Some people thought it a sad commentary on her life,  that her dog was obviously like a substitute child.  Others laughed behind her back saying she must not have much of a life, that she must be a loser and pathetically lonely with only her dog to love.

This made me think about me and my cats and what people might be thinking.  I do not have pictures of them on my desk at work,  although I do have pictures on my desk at home.  And I do admit that when people talk about their children I tend to say something about my cats.  My cats are sort of  like children to me.  They are important to me and add a lot to my life.  I love them and do consider them part of the family.  If this makes people think I am a loser or pathetically lonely or that I am a silly woman with serious relationship issues in need of counseling…well,  I stand proudly before you and say “Hi, my name is Patricia, and my cats are my children.”

My Catkids

Frankly, if someone thinks I am a loser or pathetically lonely or sad or silly or sick because of how I feel about my catkids… well, I say pfffrrrttt…who cares what you think!