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Today is Saturday, September 25, 2010

Yesterday was payday.  It is always such a good feeling going to the bank to make the payday deposit.  Signing the back of the piece of paper that represents the hours I worked.  Not a reward or gift but what I earned.  Handing it to the teller and getting another piece of paper confirming that I did get paid and the money is in my account.

The high of it all is short-lived though.  After the trip to the bank it is time to go home and pay the piper as they, or someone, or whoever, says.  So quickly it is gone baby gone.  Don’t get me wrong I appreciate all I have that the paycheck pays for, even the boring stuff  like insurance and utilities and such.  I have a nice place to live and I am never hungry without the resources to buy food and I have more clothes than closet space.  But I would like to have some of this paycheck left when I get the next one.  It may not seem I am grateful that I have a job but I am.

Someday I will stop complaining and just be grateful.  Someday I will learn to budget.  But I am pretty sure that will not be any day soon.