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I've started so I'll finish
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Today is Saturday, October 2, 2010

You would think that after all these years of getting a monthly bank statement reconciling it would be a snap.  I mean I certainly have had enough practice.  But somehow it always takes longer than I think it will, or should, to complete and there is usually a glitch somewhere.

It drives me crazy if the numbers are just a penny or two off.  Must be to the penny!  Not everyone in my family is like this.  My mother would just turn the page of the register and start over if she did not balance.  Then there was my brother, he had two checking accounts.  Never balanced either one.  He would use one account for a while then stop using that one and use the other.  When all the checks had cleared the first account he would switch back to it until all the checks he had written on the second account cleared, then back to the first.  Somehow this worked for him.  It was a bit confusing for me as the executor of his estate.  It all got straightened out but it was a little confusing.

I guess it would actually be easier if I was rich.  Then I would just hire someone to figure the mess out.  However, hiring someone is not what I need to do.  What I need to do is be happy I have a statement to bother with. Or I could  just  turn the page or have two checking accounts…

I think I will not wait for “someday” I think I will just be happy now.  But I still will not use my mother’s or my brother’s method. That would be too weird for me.