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Today is Saturday, October 16, 2010


Why is it that yard/garage/rummage/tag sales and flea markets are such fun?  Used furniture stores and Goodwill and Salvation Army Stores and “antique” stores are interesting, too.   It is a great way to spend time–and not spend much money.

Truthfully, I rarely buy anything at these sales and stores but I do like to wander around them and see what other people had that they no longer want.  Once in a while I find some treasure I just must have. I have contributed to Goodwill and to friend’s yard sales.  Quite often the stuff I give is stuff I got at Goodwill or a “used” store.

And about stuff.  Why do we have so much stuff?  I lived for many years in a very small one bedroom apartment that had one closet in the bedroom and one in the hall.  Those two closets were enough.  Then I moved to a two bedroom apartment with two bedroom closets and one in the bathroom.  I managed to fill the third closet.  I now live in a two bedroom condo that has two big bedroom closets, one large linen closet, one hall closet, and one large storage closet.  There is also room in the furnace closet to store a few things.   All these closets are full.

I was happy with what I had in the tiny apartment, did not feel deprived or that I needed anything.  Wanted more but did not need more.  Same with the next place.  And here I am with six closets and needing more room for my stuff.  There is something wrong with this picture.  I mean it is kind of sad isn’t it?

It seems the more closets we have the more stuff we get then we need more room and when we have more room we get more stuff. It is a vicious circle, I tell you!  I had a couple of family members that were hoarders.  We all make jokes about these folks but it is truly an awful addiction to things.  Their lives are unhappy and sad and lonely.   I do not want this to happen in my life so I  do a major purge of closets two or three times a year.  In the middle of one now.  You would think once purged always purged but not so.

I think someday I will be more disciplined and buy only what I really need and will actually use.  Not sure when that someday will be.  Maybe it will start with this current purge–or not.