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Monday, fourth grade memory…

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Today is Monday, November 8, 2010


I have a memory of when I was in the fourth grade that to this day makes me laugh every time I think of it.  And I think of it often.  My best friend, Linda, sat next to me in class.  We were good students and were pretty well-behaved so our desks being side by side was not a problem.  We did occasionally get to talking, as girls will, and need reminding of where we were  and that talking in class was not acceptable.

One day, we weren’t talking, but Linda was having trouble of some sort and kind of had her head down.  I heard her say, “Patty”,and let me tell you she is one of only  two people who have ever gotten away with calling me Patty. Anyway, she said, “Patty what am I going to do?”  I asked what was wrong and she looked at me and said, “I have a button stuck in my nose!”  Well, I was pretty surprised but sure enough she had a button stuck in her nose.

I asked her how  it got there and she said she was just sort of playing with it and it got stuck in there.  Having no personal experience with this particular difficulty I was at a loss and had no advise I could give her.  To make a long silly story short Linda did get the button out of her nose.

However, because of my giggles and Linda’s playing with her nose we got the attention of Jeff who sat on the other side of my friend.  He, of course, wanted to know what was going on.  So Linda told him about the button and her nostril.  Jeff  was quite intrigued and asked how such a thing could happen.  So Linda showed him.  And yes, once again my best, but maybe not so bright, friend had a button in her nose.

I think you probably understand why this memory has stayed with me  all these years and why I still get a laugh from it.  I still have a hard time looking at a button without laughing.  Fortunately I am okay with noses.




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