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Billy Bob
Image by Gattou/Lucie/so far behind.. Sorry 😦 via Flickr

Today is Saturday, November 20, 2010


Ok, I just spent a good bit of time on a really wonderful post.  Trust me it was one of my best.   Then somehow it got deleted. I have no idea how it happened, surely it was not my fault but some random erase fiend that attacked my computer.  I am not in the mood for this.  I am now angry and want to throw my computer far far away.  But of course I will not cause I am a sane and rational person, most of the time but maybe not right now.

I am going to walk away and come back at a time when I am back to my usual pleasant silly self.  Too bad y’all missed some really good thoughts.  If I can recapture them I will put them here.  The recaptured thoughts will not be as spectacular though.  Sorry.