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Tuesday, turkey day food…

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Today is Tuesday, November 23, 2010


10 things we always had for Thanksgiving Dinner

  1. Turkey–of course–but our turkeys were roasted and roasted and roasted until it was hard to tell if it was turkey or seasoned cardboard–and it was never sliced–Daddy always carved chunk style.
  2. Stuffing–or as it was known in our house turkey goo–it was sort of like paper mache’ or maybe cotton soaked in Elmer’s Glue.
  3. Sweet potatoes–these were pretty good if a bit bland but with plenty of butter they had a passing grade.
  4. Mashed potatoes and gravy–not too bad but I don’t like lumpy mashed taters–gravy was ok but given the state of the turkey (see #1) I think it usually came from a jar.
  5. biscuits–now what could go wrong here after all they were from a can–well, the bottoms were always burnt so you could only eat the tops–the tops probably would have burned but the smoke and smell alerted us before the tops burned.
  6. PTA salad–this was really good–Ma got the recipe from someone somewhere on one of her PTA travels (for a couple of years she was President of the State PTA and travelled around the state) and this recipe she actually read and followed without giving it any of her special touches.
  7. Cranberry sauce–again good–a no brainer it was Ocean Spray.
  8. Green bean casserole–bleh–does anyone really like this?
  9. Pumpkin pie–with enough Cool Whip you could hardly tell it was from a box.
  10. Anything chocolate would have made a big difference in the meal but there never was any chocolate.  Very sad.

Not surprisingly there was always a lot of leftovers.  What is surprising is that the leftovers were the best!