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Monday, Gramma memories…

babushka cat 2009-12
Image by JohnGiez- via Flickr

Today is Monday, November 29, 2010


I have been thinking about my grammas.  They were two very different women in looks and temperament.  They had a few things in common though.  They both were generous but frugal.  They did not spend money on something that they could make or on anything that they felt wasn’t needed.  The gifts they gave were usually practical things that could be used.  Both of them gave a lot of food to everyone and anyone who was hungry–whether they knew them or not.

Another thing they both did was give away what they knew.  They gave advise–asked for or not–and always thoughtfully and kindly–never in a bossy or arrogant way.  What you did with their advise was up to you–there was no “I told you so” in their vocabulary.

Both women taught–not in school–but lessons for everyday life.  One gramma taught me how to do laundry and how to crochet.   The other gramma taught me how to dust and how to embroider.  I still enjoy crocheting and needlework and I don’t mind laundry and dusting–at least not much.  Both taught me a bit about baking and that a nap every day is good for you

The best lessons I learned from my grammas were taught by both– that love can be unconditional, listening is a gift, and pray everyday.

Oh, and they both taught me not to scratch my butt or pick my nose in public–what you do when you are by yourself in the bathroom is up to you.