Thursday, thanks…

Looking for that squirrel...

Today is Thursday December 2, 2010

I am rarely, very rarely, bored. I am not talking about the occasional  bout of the  “I have done the same thing for hours and I have had enough” doldrums. I am talking about being bored because your friends can’t come out and play so “I am stuck with myself” boredom. I don’t understand people who are often bored because they don’t have someone to entertain them. Either they are as dumb as a bag of grits or they don’t like  themselves much.  I mean really, how do  people get bored?   I think they must be boring people–they aren’t even interesting to themselves– how could they possibly be interesting to someone else?

Maybe I have an unusually developed imagination or a disorder of some sort.  I can sit and think and wonder and dream for hours.  If it wasn’t for daily stuff that needs  done I think I could daydream endlessly and quite happily.  Some, if not most, of my best decisions have come out of time spent talking to myself.  I am most creative after extended periods of daydreaming, I think this is true of most  people.

I guess those who are often bored are dull and uninteresting and not creative or entertaining and they don’t like themselves.  How sad.

I am so thankful that I was given a healthy dose of imagination.