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Thursday, thankful that I found this blogging thing…

o hai, did u need spell checkz?

When I started blogging it was just something that was interesting and a bit challenging.  I had never written much and when I did I would not keep it and I certainly didn’t want to show it to anyone.  Now with about a year and a half of blogs out there in cyber-space for all to see I am almost ready to call myself a writer.  As  in someone who writes things worth the time it takes to read it.

I know that what I write is not “literature”.  I know there are lots of grammar and punctuation (if in doubt use a comma) mistakes and hopefully, not too many spelling errors. Thank you spell check even though you are not perfect—but then who is?  How I write is pretty much who I am, easy-going, funny, curious, serious when need be, fairly transparent.

What has surprised me on this blogging adventure is that I found I like writing.  More surprising is that other people like what I write.  I know this because I get comments on my posts.  Not every post but enough to be encouraged.  And some people have subscribed which means they want to know when something new is out there.  That is simply amazing and quite humbling.

Today, I am thankful that after looking for a long time I very unexpectedly found something that engages me and energizes me.  I am thankful that others read what I write and even though it is nothing exceptional and sometimes just nonsense they enjoy it and come back to read some more.

Thanks, guys!


6 thoughts on “Thursday, thankful that I found this blogging thing…

  1. I also like blogging. Friends communicate and writing is communication. I feel an affinity not only with bloggers as friends, but also as people that share my enthusiasm for writing, any writing. Communication. Sharing our lives in some way. Blessings to you, Patricia…

    1. I love words…have since I was a child. Mostly the written word. I am not all that taken with the spoken word. I like to talk and to listen but reading is the best.

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