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Friday, just rambling on…

Pussy Willow [single]

Image by nègFoto via Flickr

I was given some PussyWillow cuttings a couple of weeks ago.  I have them in a container of water on my table.  They are so beautiful!  I noticed tonight that they have roots. \O/  I am going to plant them in a pot and hope they grow.  I am not sure they will grow confined to a pot, they are kinda freedom lovin plants.  But I am going to try to encourage them to be happy on my little balcony.

I love PussyWillows. (I really am a crazy cat lady, I even like furry plants.) When I was a kid we had lots of bushes growing in our yard.  It seems everybody had some and they also grew wild along the roads and in the parks and fields.  I don’t see them here very often, I think it is a bit hot for them.

My daisy-like plants and snapdragons are starting to get little green leaves.  So exciting to see them.  Hopefully, any late frost will not hurt them.

When I was cleaning my balcony off the other day, pigeons are a problem, ugh, I started making plans for planting.  Won’t be long and I will get my hands in the dirt and have some fun.  I sometimes think it would be nice to have an actual yard–but then I come to my senses and realize a yard would be work.  A balcony of pots and planters of flowers is easy and fun.

Today, I am ready to put away sweaters and shoes and get into  tee shirts and sandals and sit in the sun and watch life begin anew.


4 thoughts on “Friday, just rambling on…

  1. Hi Patricia,
    I would like to put the sweaters and boots away, also. But as we are in the middle of a spell of arctic cold & drifting snow, I think I will wait!

    Salsify is a biennial plant which grows about 2-3 feet high. It has a daisy-like flower and leaves like grass up the stem. Here is a website with some good pictures:

    1. I remeber March and even April snows. Glad they are just a memory now. I am totally a winter wimp since living in the south for so long.

      Thanks for the info on the plant. I bet some folks do see it as a weed! But some weeds are beautiful.

  2. Pussy Willows are a sweet memory of my childhood. I, too, love the beauties of a yard, but in this season of my life, as you point out, a balcony is better. Blessings to you…

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