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Monday, young love at 70…

Once upon a time I managed a Hallmark Shop.  

Valentine’s Day is the biggest holiday for card sales.  Heart Day is bigger than Christmas and Mother’s Day and Easter and, of course, bigger than Father’s Day.  Poor Daddy just can’t compete with the others, sad but true.

The day before and the day of Valentine’s are the biggest days for sales.  Well, the day after Christmas is the biggest day but retailers hate that day because all the Christmas stock flies out the door half price.  Anyway, the day before/of Valentine’s is the craziest day. Getting the perfect Valentine card is difficult, although, for some people (men, not all men but many of them) it’s just a major chore to muddle through.

Some folks will read every card and torture themselves with indecision.  Others pop in and grab a card and off they go.  Some ask for advise.  Then there are those (men again) who come rushing in the day after Valentine’s Day with fear and panic in their eyes looking for the perfect Valentine card to make up for the fact they forgot to give one on Valentine’s Day.  Honestly, there is no perfect card for that mistake!

I remember one year an older lady, probably in her 70’s, came into the shop and after browsing the cards for a while came to me and asked which card of the two or three she had chosen said what she wanted to say but not say too much.  She had a gentleman friend she had been spending time with as “good friends” but she wanted to bring the friendship up “a notch”.  The problem was she wasn’t sure if the gentleman felt the same and did not want her card to scare him off.  If he did not feel the same way she still wanted them to be good friends.  We read the cards and talked about them and after some consideration she decided which one said just enough and not too much.  She came in several weeks later and told me that she and the gentleman were now very good friends.  I often think of her.  How wonderful to be still like a girl in love when you are in your 70’s.

Today, I wish all who read this a Happy Valentine’s Day.

And guys, you still have a couple of hours before the stores close.



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Friday, in a fuzzy tizzy…

Cat wearing glasses

I was in quite a tizzy yesterday morning.  I could not find my glasses.  That may not seem like a really big deal to you unless like me you can’t see more than a foot in front of you without your specs.  My glasses are usually on my face, if not there then on top of my head.  About the only time I don’t have my glasses attached to me is when I am sleeping, then they are on the table next to the bed.

I have worn glasses since I was eight.  That’s a long time and in all that time, even as a little girl, I have never lost my glasses.  It took me probably fifteen minutes to find them.  I was beginning to panic.  I mean I knew they had to be in the house but without them on my face it was hard to see to find them.  Then I was afraid to sit down in case I had put them on a chair or the sofa.  Walking around also was a bit troublesome; what if I had dropped them on the floor and stepped on them?

Obviously, I did find my precious spectacles.  They were on the sofa under the newspaper.  Good thing I didn’t sit there to think about where they were.  I don’t remember taking them off and I guess I didn’t really notice I didn’t have them on until I was looking for my earrings and realized that my morning was fuzzier than usual .  Kinda scary, huh?

Getting old is very interesting.  Someday I will tell you about almost going to the store in my jammies.  Bet you can hardly wait.



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Thursday, thankful that I found this blogging thing…

o hai, did u need spell checkz?

When I started blogging it was just something that was interesting and a bit challenging.  I had never written much and when I did I would not keep it and I certainly didn’t want to show it to anyone.  Now with about a year and a half of blogs out there in cyber-space for all to see I am almost ready to call myself a writer.  As  in someone who writes things worth the time it takes to read it.

I know that what I write is not “literature”.  I know there are lots of grammar and punctuation (if in doubt use a comma) mistakes and hopefully, not too many spelling errors. Thank you spell check even though you are not perfect—but then who is?  How I write is pretty much who I am, easy-going, funny, curious, serious when need be, fairly transparent.

What has surprised me on this blogging adventure is that I found I like writing.  More surprising is that other people like what I write.  I know this because I get comments on my posts.  Not every post but enough to be encouraged.  And some people have subscribed which means they want to know when something new is out there.  That is simply amazing and quite humbling.

Today, I am thankful that after looking for a long time I very unexpectedly found something that engages me and energizes me.  I am thankful that others read what I write and even though it is nothing exceptional and sometimes just nonsense they enjoy it and come back to read some more.

Thanks, guys!