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Friday, for love of words…

I think I may be an addict. To be an addict is to give oneself over to something habitually or compulsively to the detriment of well-being.  My well-being seems to be ok so far, so maybe I am just in the beginning stages of this. But I think I can call it an addiction all the same.  Well, maybe not hard-core yet but could be if I am not careful.  Sort of like being a functional alcoholic.

I have a love of books, the written word.

This is something that it seems I must do, read.  I get irritable and impatient and just plain wonky when I don’t have time to read. I don’t know if others notice or not.  No one has asked me about it so maybe this is a hidden addiction.

There are times I do not shower or get dressed or answer the phone or doorbell.  I do not leave my chair except to get something to eat.  I also drink a lot of Coke and iced tea and Chai tea latte while in my state of bliss so there are the frequent potty breaks.  I will stay up all night, or almost all night, then be miserable in the morning when the alarm starts its nonsense.  I am still pleasant in the morning but I do need a nap in the afternoon.

This is not new for me, even as a child I loved reading and preferred it to any other activity.  I did do other things, I wasn’t, and am not, anti-social or anything.  I do have other interests but none above words.

Maybe because I am getting old(er) reading is even more a delight because it doesn’t take a lot of energy, doesn’t make you sweat, doesn’t make your muscles sore.  Reading can be done in comfort with little required other than light and a chair.  If there is light and a place to sit I can happily enter my “zone” and leave the world to its pursuits without my two cents added.


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Tuesday, cemeteries, tombstones, and life…

The gravestone of Col. John Hart in the North ...

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There was a time I would wander around in a cemetery reading tombstones.  Many people do this and it is quite interesting.  Older cemeteries have more interesting inscriptions.  Maybe in the past folks were more comfortable with death because life was harder and death was perhaps a release from harsh realities.  I don’t know why today we are more conservative in our final words.  Maybe it just costs more to put more words on the gravestone today then it did then.  Whatever the reasons, then and now, today we are kind of boring in our epitaphs.

My brother often talked about what he wanted on his headstone.  He was quite adamant.  So when he died I was sure to put the words he wanted for all to see as his final say:

Always something–Now this

When the headstone was placed I went to see it.  I like it.  It says what he thought about life, his view-point.  I don’t know why he always saw the glass as half full and always seemed to be expecting some disaster to come upon him.  We were very different in how life is viewed, my glass is always half full and ready to be topped off.  He would get quite angry with me when he would moan over some (to me) small bothersome thing happening and I would say “It’ll be alright”.  He would tell me that’s what should be put on my grave–it won’t be–I have something else planned.  Actually, when I got his stone I had mine done so my last comment will truly be mine.  Don’t want anyone messin’ with my words.

I often wonder what folks think when they walk through the cemetery and see his grave.  Do they laugh?  Are they saddened by his philosophy?  Do they think it inappropriate?

I hope they laugh and are not saddened and if they think it inappropriate—well, they are probably of the boring kind of folks and they should get a life before it’s too late.