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Monday, using my imagination…

A suggestion made by the folks at WordPress Daily Challenge was, “if you had a magic tree what would it be?” I am not taking part in the Daily Post Challenge thing but this prompt for a possible post did get my imagination  working. 

If I had a magic tree it would be a Wish Fruit Tree. It would be a beautiful tree, tall and willowy and strong.  It would bear fruit all year long but different fruit in the different seasons.  In Spring, it would have rather small pink fruit and light green leaves, Summer, there would be big red fruit and dark green leaves, Fall, the fruit would be sort of like walnuts but orange and not with hard shells and the leaves would be big and brown, and in Winter there would be tiny green berries and no leaves.

You could pick the fruit and make a wish and when you ate the fruit your wish would come true. Cool, huh?

There would be one little catch to the Wish Fruit, though.  If you made a good wish, one that wasn’t selfish but encouraged or blessed someone, you would have a sweet taste in your mouth forever, or until your next wish.  If you made a hateful nasty wish that would bring about harm to anyone, you would have a bitter taste in your mouth until you made restitution

It would be important to be careful in what you wished for; the sweet taste would last until the next good wish, but the bitter taste would not go away until the bad wish was made right, even if you made a good wish the next time you picked the fruit.

So, the tree would be beautiful and fruitful all the time. The Wish Fruit Tree would not grow in private yards or in fenced places; it would be wild and found only by accident. Once you stumbled upon it you could not tell anyone where it was, everyone has to find it on their own.  If you told someone, or heaven forbid, made the location known for profit, the tree would die and you would have a bitter taste in your mouth and bad breath for the rest of your life.

Today, I think my imagination is in good shape…


5 thoughts on “Monday, using my imagination…

  1. How sweet! I LOVE this… I was going to ask about someone stealing into your yard for a piece of fruit, but I believe you answered it. ROFL! I love the idea of honesty rewarded by honesty and it was all based upon the doing of the individual.

    If only everyone on this planet thought like that, how much better this place would be to live in!


    ♥.•*¨ Elizabeth ¨*•.♥

    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      Thanks for visiting. I am guessing you found me through the April blog challenge. I have never done one of these and I am looking forward to it. I know I can come up with stuff to write but the discipline to do it will be my biggest challenge.

  2. Hi Carol, Sometimes my imagination takes off and goes crazy. Actually that happens often. You are right about how we “flavor” our lives.

    Later, my friend.

  3. Good imagination, Patricia. I like the sweet flavor and the bitter flavor. There is some truth to this in life. We can foul up our own lives with bitterness or flavor it with sweetness much like the way the your wish fruit tree worked. Blessings to you…

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