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Thursday, F is for friends…

I have the most wonderful friends. These are not your plain ole regular friends.  Some of them are more family than friend. Often they are better than the family you were born into.  Sometimes they are closer than blood relations.

When I was a kid I had friends but not any special friends.  There was no one I felt free with; no one I trusted with my heart.  There are a couple of women in my life now that have my heart and it is safe with them.  Even if we were to get angry and have a falling out, though I cannot imagine this happening, I know that my heart would stay safe in their care.

I hope that they know that their hearts are precious to me and I will always take care to handle them gently with love and respect. I have no words that will express what I am feeling…so I will just stop now.

Today, I am so very thankful for loving friends.

4 thoughts on “Thursday, F is for friends…

  1. Real friendship that you describe is truly a blessing from God to be cherished. You are blessed to have their friendship; they are blessed to have yours. Thank you for sharing such a lovely post today.

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