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Friday, the best gift givers…

Thinking of You Card
I have been thinking about gifts and what makes a good gift.  It is nice to get big expensive things like diamonds and trips and cars, not that I have gotten any of those, but the truly priceless gifts are of little or no monetary value.
The thoughtfulness of a card sent with a personal note, a telephone call just to say hello, a greeting with a hug, a quick visit to see how you are, a ride to the store or doctor, or some comfort food brought when you need your good nature restored.
These are gifts of great worth because they show that the giver cares. They are not just giving the gift because they think they have to give something; they are giving the gift because they want to.
Often those who send cards or call, visit or hug, don’t think they are giving a gift at all.  Truly, these givers give the best gifts.  The gifts they give are not put away and never thought of again, or returned for something else or “regifted”. Their gifts are treasured in the heart forever.
I have so many of these treasures my heart overflows.

6 thoughts on “Friday, the best gift givers…

  1. Proof that it is the little things that count most!!! I find that an unexpected friendly smile, or a little chat with a kind stranger is sometimes the best gift I can receive….

  2. Creative gift giving is a talent. Sometimes I’ve come up with good ones, but usually I fall short in giving really creative gifts.


  3. Spontaneity is the key to this sort of giving, I think. That’s why it’s so precious. 🙂

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