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Monday, opinions and those who have them…

Paris - Musée Rodin: The Thinker

Image by wallyg via Flickr

Everybody has opinions.  I certainly have my share, maybe more than my share, I have opinions about almost everything. Even if I haven’t a clue what I am talking about I will probably have an opinion.  But I don’t think I am opinionated.  If someone asks me what I think about something I will tell them, give my opinion.  They can agree or not, same as I can agree with them…or not.

I like to hear the opinions of others.  I can get to know someone better when I hear what they think about things, big and small, important and inconsequential.  The thoughts of others will make me ponder my thoughts and beliefs and opinions.  Sometimes their opinion will change mine or at least make me consider what I think about things and why.  Often, after hearing another opinion and thinking about it I will feel more confident in what I think.

However, some people are opinionated and, in my opinion, they are a pain in the butt.  These folks will not let something go.  They will not just state an opinion but will beat you up the side of the head with it until you agree with them.  Occasionally, when this happens, and I am not proud of this, I become just like them!  Yep, I become a pain in the butt.  In my opinion this doesn’t happen too often,  but you would have to ask someone else about it, I may be somewhat biased.

But then again, in my opinion I am rarely, if ever, wrong so don’t bother asking anyone about it.

10 thoughts on “Monday, opinions and those who have them…

  1. Hey Patricia ~~ love your O post !
    Having multiple opinions doesn’t necessarily mean that you are opinionated . I think that being opinionated is linked to a superior complex – thinking others are beneath you … something along those lines …
    Having opinions and airing these opinions means you are not merely a sponge , soaking up and accepting/believing everything that’s thrown at you … you are a thinker , which is far better than being a yes-man …


    1. I don’t know about the feeling superior thing. I tend to think those that are really opinionated and will not bend sort of feel inferior.

      Yes, I am a thinker. Sometimes a pretty silly thinker…

  2. Love this post and the photos are stellar… the latter, a riot! I can be opinionated too but I choose my battles of late… which might have to do with my age. I was more pigheaded when I was younger and would hold unto a point of view… but meh, I’m not so anymore unless I am absolutely certain about a fact. But we are talking about opinions here. Oh well! 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by my Blogger blog too.

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