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Tuesday, putt, putter, puttser…

In an earlier post (Saturday, April 16th) I wrote about how I am really good at doing nothing, and that is true.  I am also very good at what I call puttsering.

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The American Heritage Dictionary says; to putter is to be active without effect.  To putt is to hit the ball to push into a hole.

Patricia says; to puttser is to move (self or things) around randomly and aimlessly, with no particular goal in mind other than to be active with the effect of enjoying yourself.

So, to puttser in my mind is a good thing.  There are days I spend hours puttsering in stores, just wandering and looking and enjoying myself.  Some days I puttser at home.  Often, when I puttser at home I do accomplish something but that is not the important part. The important part is simply to be present in the puttser of the day without thought for the next day.

There are those folks who would think to puttser is a waste of time, like puttering.  Not so.  One has not wasted time when at the end of puttsering one feels happy and at peace.  This is always the result of a good puttser.  If one does not feel good after a day of puttser it has been done wrong.  It does take practice to be a good puttser, keep at it you will improve your puttser skills with practice and time.

To puttser is a good thing. I plan to spend my day off, today, puttsering.  It’s going to be a great day.

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