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Thursday, remember with care…

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If you have lived any time at all you have memories.  There are good memories and not so good memories  and bad memories and for some, really awful memories.  I have some of all kinds.

The thing with remembering the past is you have to be careful what you remember and how you do the remembering.  What I mean is, be selective.  The good memories are wonderful to reflect on and to spend some time with them.  They make the present sweeter and will help us through difficult times.  But remembering the bad, or awful, can be dangerous. Spending too much time with bad, sad, painful, or just difficult past times is not wise.  Even spending too much time in past good memories is not wise.  We are here to live in the present not in the past.

Remember the past and learn from it but don’t hunker down in it and make it home. The past is only for visiting not living there.  You have moved on to this day.  Live today the best you can and make new memories to remember in the future.

Today, I choose to remember the past for what it is, the past, and live today. I am thankful I can remember the past and leave it there, in the past, and live today with all the life I have in me.

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