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Saturday, love love love tee-shirts…

Yesterday I wrote about my love/hate relationship with shoes.  Today I write about what I love love love to wear.


Yep, the lowly, casual, comfy, cotton tee-shirt.  Tee-shirts are about all I wear on top.  Bottoms are another story, skirts, pants, jeans, capris, and shorts are in my wardrobe.  Although, rarely does anyone see me in shorts.  I spare the world that sight and pretty much stay secluded when wearing them.

Usually, twice a year I buy a bunch of tee-shirts.  Crew, vee, boat, square, and scoop neck,  sometimes with a collar, and in all colors of the rainbow. I like them plain or with designs, pleated or plain, embellished and bedazzled, if tastefully done, of course. I prefer 100% cotton but I will fudge on that sometimes. Only strict rule I have as to style is that the tee has three-quarter or long sleeves. No sleeveless or short-sleeved tees for me. It’s those arm wingy thingies that every woman prays to be spared that, sadly, I have been cursed with.

I have been blessed with good skin so I try not to whine too much about my flapper wapper wings. At least they can be somewhat camouflaged.  I do my best not to share the unsightly appendages.

I have not purchased my summer stock yet.  Maybe today will be the day.

4 thoughts on “Saturday, love love love tee-shirts…

  1. I love T-shirts, too. I am retired, so I can wear them almost exclusively. I have them in multiple colors, and I wear them with sweat pants. How’s that for casual? I like being comfortable. Blessings to you, Patricia…

  2. I no longer have those kinds of tees but remember the days…Fortunately I work in a casual atmosphere and can wear “nice” tees to work. LOL bout the 2x…

  3. I used to wear Tees all the time. I collected them from every state and major attraction I went to. Later a change in my line of work made me dispense with the tees. Now I have to wear a shirt with an ample pocket for phone, business card holder, pen, etc. My tee days are gone except for wearing them around the house. And I don’t look quite as good in a tee as I did in my younger days. Have to admit–a nice 2x size tee is mighty comfortable.

    Tossing It Out

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