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Tuesday, a rant about complainers…

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Why is it that some people are never happy?  I don’t understand them at all!  I mean really, it feels better to be happy than not. Other people like being around you if you are happy but find you bothersome if you are always complaining.

These thoughts have come about because of someone I know who is never happy about anything.  To everything there is a down side.  Try as I might to help her see the sunshine she only sees the dark stormy clouds.  It is so hard to not argue with her.  She counters all comments with a complaint.  It is very frustrating.

Once she said to me that I was very lucky to have friends who are willing to help me when I need help, because her friends are too busy to be any help to her. It is true I have only to ask for help, sometimes I don’t even have to ask, they are just  there for me.  Yes, I am greatly blessed, and I know it.  I feel like telling my cranky friend that if she was more pleasant to be around maybe her friends would be more apt to spend time with her.

I guess this is a rant, a complaining one at that.  I know I have become impatient with this woman, and that is unkind and not very generous of me.  I just really really really hope I don’t grow up to be like her, lonely, unhappy, bitter, and plain miserable.

Today, I think I want my friends to be honest with me; and if I get to be awful and miserable to be around when I am old(er), that they will slap me up the side of the head and remind me of the blessed life I live.

7 thoughts on “Tuesday, a rant about complainers…

  1. I actually stopped being friends with someone who was like that. Try as I might, it just became depressing and frustrating to be around them. A girl can only take so many complaints! You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your well being to comfort someone who never sees the light of things.

  2. Oh Patricia, please don’t ever say, someone slap me upside the head. I said that once while I was walking along the road and before I knew it I was on the ground with a broken ankle and a serious shoulder injury. Hubby said it looked like someone invisible had sent me reeling!

    Okay, now to the rant. You go Girl! You get to rant because you are a happy person. You get to rant because its not normal behavior for you. So don’t fess yourself over it. Rant on.

    We all have ‘friends’ that drag us down. We can allow them to continue sucking the life out of us or we can put our foot down and let them know we are not willing to listen to it anymore. I chose the latter. Life is too short to allow others to make it miserable. If enough of her friends tell her the same thing she will eventually get the message and make the needed changes. Otherwise she is just going to get worse.

    I so hope you are feeling better. From the little i know (from your blogging and commenting) you are a lovely person and deserve to be surrounded by other lovely people 🙂 By the way, are you one of the friends she tells others that don’t help her?

    Let’s sing a wee song. All together now!
    “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands! “Clap-clap! Clap-clap! Clap-clap!”

    1. What a horrible thing to have happen. Good thing your hubs was with you!

      I don’t rant too often but I sure can get on a role. I am working on not allowing her to take my peace away. I think she knows I am willing to help her whenever I can. I think when she starts complaining I am just going to tell her I won’t listen to negativity from her any more. Although, we all need to let loose once in a while!

      Thanks for your kind words. I will try to live up to them.

  3. Your complaining friend has formed a habit, one that detracts from her own wellbeing. It’s too bad. Some people spend a lifetime in a perpetual downward mode. It’s hard not to find oneself looking for an exit when this kind of person comes on the scene. Blessings to you, Patricia…

    1. Looking for an exit is right on—like someone has yelled FIRE. But she is alone and that bothers me for “there but by the grace of God go I”.

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