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Friday, do you like your hair?

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Do you like your hair?  I mean in general, the color, texture, thickness, curliness or straightness, do you like it?  Most people don’t like their hair.

When I was a teenager I hated my hair.  The color was great, a dark auburn, but it was curly.  There was no way for me to have the fashion of the day, long and straight with bangs.  I tried everything. Big big big rollers that made it nearly impossible to sleep. Ironing, which was dangerous to do yourself in the day before the nifty irons we have now. I used a regular ole iron that I used to iron my clothes, not very comfortable or safe.   I also used straightening solutions that smelled horrible and did make my hair straight for a day or two then turned it to dry frizz.

Then in my twenties big hair was in.  With fine curly hair this too was a problem.  But I discovered “wiglets”; small hair pieces, that I styled in tumble curls.  Voila!  Big hair!

In the next hair incarnation I would blow it dry and use a curling iron to smooth it out.  The style was fine but now the dreaded grey was an issue.  So then color was applied every few weeks.  What a bother.

Nowadays, I go for the natural look.  Grey and curly.  As long as it is short it looks pretty good.  Of course, I seem to have a hard time getting to the hairdresser, I just don’t like going. Which is strange since I was a hairdresser for years in another life.  But that is a story for some other time.6414_1193373518359_1349041552_549719_4101828_n

Today I think I am just rambling on about hair because I need a haircut and I am trying to talk myself into going to get it done.

And I am curious about how people feel about their hair.

7 thoughts on “Friday, do you like your hair?

  1. I can say the only think I don’t like about my hair is the fact that I need to see someone to get the dead ends off. Other then that, I am perfectly happy with the color, length, texture and even the few grays I have. I guess I’m blessed, but these baby hairs are a bit of a curse.


  2. Mine is too fine and has too many silver strands. You are right. Most people don’t like their hair. We probably wouldn’t like any one else’s any better. All hair types have some negative aspect, I suppose. Blessings to you, Patricia…

  3. I love my hair and have had very few “bad hair days” in my life.

    In my teens, it was long and straight . . . to my waist.
    As an attorney, it was shoulder length or shorter.
    Now, it’s usually no longer than the nape of my neck.

    I just wake up, brush it and go most days. After washing, I play with it for about 5 minutes to get it to dry “right.”

    I do like it when it’s lightened by the sun . . . the blonder the better.

    1. I pretty much wash and wear these days. Never had really long hair but always wanted it long and flowing…never going to happen.
      I think getting older helps with the acceptance of the “imperfect”.

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