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Saturday, it’s kinda like a miracle…

This may look like a really sad plant to you.  But to me it is a miracle plant.  It is on my balcony and has been there several years.

The first couple of years it looked a lot like this, myrtle

Then it died, and for  about 3 years it was just bare branches, no leaves, no buds, no life, just bare branches.  I kept it because the branches were pretty and in the summer I used the dead plant as something to grow vines on.

Well, last Thursday morning I was sitting on my balcony having my tea and enjoying the morning breezes, and the crepe myrtle had leaves on it!   I was out there watering the petunias and bizzie lizzie’s on Wednesday evening and there was nary a bud on that plant. 

And now just lookbranchI am telling you it is a miracle!  Ok, so maybe it isn’t exactly a miracle but it is pretty close to miraculous. 

In fact, I think it is surprising enough to call it a mini miracle.  It will be a mega miracle if it has pretty lavender flowers in the summer.  


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