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Monday, Gramma’s rocker…

In my family there are few things that would be called heirlooms.  First, because we aren’t and never have been wealthy, so rarely if ever, do we  have things of any great monetary value.  Second, for the most part it seems there was not much emphasis on the sentimental value of things.

I am a bit sentimental though and have a few things I would find it difficult to part with if I had to.  One of them is  Gramma’s rocking chair.


Gramma got it when she was pregnant with my mother which makes the rocker 95 years old.  There are lots of memories that come with this chair.  I remember when  staying with Gramma, every morning she would sit in the sunroom in her rocker and do her crossword puzzle and every afternoon she would be there crocheting.

When  Gramma died the rocker went to my mother.  I don’t remember Ma sitting in it but I know having it was very important and special to her.  After my parents died the chair came to be mine.  It is a treasured possession and I do sit in it on occasion, usually to pray.

The fabric has been changed a few times and I am contemplating having it recovered.  As far as I know it has always been in an “old” looking fabric.  But I am thinking of doing it in a bright bold contemporary floral.  What do you think?

I think it sounds like a rockin’ good plan!

7 thoughts on “Monday, Gramma’s rocker…

  1. Patricia, it’s a beautiful Rocker. I love the old fabric look, but can also see it in something beautifully bright and floral. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product. What a treasure to have passed down!

  2. It is a pretty chair. Not at all like anything alse I own but dear to my heart. It’s going to get a new lease on life.

  3. Gorgeous rocker. Definitely re-cover it in something that makes your heart sing.

    I have my great aunt’s rocker.
    It’s been recovered from a drab gray “old looking” floral to blue and white checks.

  4. I like your rockin’ good plan. If there’s anything more attractive than “old”, it’s “a bold contemporary floral”! Blessings to you, Patricia…

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