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Tuesday, I am confused…

not so smart cat

Image by Blondie5000 via Flickr

Here are some facts about me:

I like my cat waking me up—I don’t like being awakened.

I like summertime—I don’t like it hot and humid.

I like wintertime—I don’t like cold wind.

I like flip-flops—I don’t like my toes exposed.

I like my job—I don’t like going to work.

I like saving money—I don’t like not spending money.

I like early morning—I don’t like getting up early in the morning.

I like when I make a decision—I don’t like having to decide.

I like when I’ve had my haircut—I don’t like getting haircuts.

I like taking long walks—I don’t like wearing shoes.

Today I think I am not only a bit ditzy but a lot confused.

10 thoughts on “Tuesday, I am confused…

  1. I’ve got a few on there, but I especially identify with the waking up early one! I love being up (and fully awake) very early – the day seems to go on forever, I get a lot done, it’s peaceful. But I hate having to wake up so early in order to be up early. I think it’s because I’m truly a night person; I tend to stay up later and later. Maybe I’m just a kid at heart and I don’t want to stop what I’m doing to go to bed.

    No, not crazy – conflicted is a good word. So many choices!

  2. Most of these make sense to me . . .

    If you have to work, you like the job you have.
    But you’d rather not have to work.
    Saving money gives you satisfaction, but you still like to buy stuff.

    I don’t get how you can like flip flops if you don’t like exposing your toes ~ maybe socks with sandals would work better for you . . . ack!

    1. I know that doesn’t make sense–I really am confused! I think since I don’t like wearing shoes flip-flops work for me but I don’t like my toes exposed in public. They are nice toes and I don’t want them stepped on.

  3. Patricia you said,
    I don’t like my toes exposed-I don’t like wearing shoes?

    I LOVE having my toes exposed-and I don’t like wearing shoes. I think I might be fairly okay 🙂 You on the other hand, I’m not sure about Ha-ha!

    1. You are right to wonder bout me, Elizabeth. The thing is, I like to be barefoot but I worry bout my tootsies being hurt.

    1. Life is a challenge. When I was a kid the mother of a friend used to say, “Life is good if you don’t weaken.” Didn’t understand as a kid but sure do now.

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