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Thursday, thankful for nine lives…

41217_1619628534468_1349041552_1699312_499486_nMy elderly cat has a difficult time keeping food in her tummy.  She hasn’t been able to eat cat food for  a while.  I have been feeding her cans of tuna and chicken and turkey and salmon.  She can tolerate these people foods but she has lost a lot of weight, half her body weight, so she is 4 pounds now, really skinny.  A few weeks ago I found some new (to us) cat food that she has been eating.  She likes 3 of the varieties but  Grammy’s Pot Pie is her favorite.

This old cat is like a child to me.  I know, some people think it is weird or sad that people care about their pets so much.  Maybe I am  a crazy cat lady but I am grateful that I have had this cat with me through thick and thin, good and bad, for the last 18 years, and I will keep her happy as long as I can.  So far she isn’t in pain and gets around pretty good, she just has this sensitive tummy thing going on.

She is probably living the last of her nine lives.

Today I am thankful for Merrick’s Cat food.bedtimebookI am thankful that Dolly has a full tummy and sleeps comfortably.

6 thoughts on “Thursday, thankful for nine lives…

  1. I am thankful that you found her food too! yay! And I will remember that, in case we need it. We have one who is 15 now . . .and skinny.
    God bless you and your tender heart that cares for your kitty! I’m glad Dolly has you!

  2. Our pets are members of the family! I talk to my dog more than I talk to any three other people I know combined. I love him! And he loves me too. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been thankful for my pet, especially after seeing how my parents grieved over the loss of their little dog.

    1. Pets certainly are members of the family. I talk to Dolly all the time. I have lived with her longer than I have ever lived with a person! Not sure what that says about me…

  3. Our cat, Jazz, had the same issue. He couldn’t eat cat food without throwing up (due to a thyroid condition). I cooked him turkey breast and chicken breast to keep his weight at a reasonable level . . . and had to feed him around the clock in SMALL portions.

    We kept him with us for 17 years before we had to say good-bye. He let us know when he’d had enough. 😦

    1. Dolly is 18 and has chronic pancreatitis. I have been thinking that is why her tummy is so sensitive never thought about a thyroid condition. Maybe a trip to the vet is coming up.

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