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Tuesday, 10 happy things…

Laughing cat

10 Things that make me happy, in no particular order:

  • my catkid–certainly this surprises no one
  • my job–yes, I like my job and I am happy doing it
  • lunch with friends–I have the best friends
  • Chai tea latte and a good book–just leave all behind and enjoy
  • a neat clean house–not the cleaning part but the results of
  • Netflix on a rainy afternoon–on the sofa with my catkid watching a movie is lovely
  • flowers on my balcony–the purple petunias are spectacular this year
  • blogging–well of course
  • laundry–the smell and feel of laundry being folded calms me
  • daydreaming, imagining, wondering, thinking–there’s no stopping me when I get going

There’s lots more but I said 10 and I meant it.

12 thoughts on “Tuesday, 10 happy things…

  1. This is a great list, Patricia! And it’s a good idea to take stock of the simple things in our everyday lives that make us happy. I think I’ll copy your idea and make a list of my own.

  2. Hi Patricia. Oh yes. A tidy house, a good book, my little dog (no cats here) and a good movie. My kind of things.
    Thanks for subscribing to my blog. I have just subscribed to yours. Judith:

  3. Wonderful list, Patricia. And the kitty pic is purr-fect. My catkid is supervising me at the moment . . . sprawled across the papers on my desk.

    I am less efficient, but far happier, when he’s around. 😀

    @Sidey ~ I had to upgrade my browser using the WP dashboard . . . and then I could see the comments as I typed them.

  4. sounds mostly good. like you I like RESULTS of house work

    did you know when we post comments it’s grey type on a dark background so we can’t see what’s being typed?

    1. About the comment thing–Nancy had the same problem –it was something on her end. When I type it is on white on dark grey.

  5. I agree about the clean neat house – the results part!

    As for laundry – come on over! You would get so relaxed, you’s have to sit down on the couch with our cat and dog and watch a netflix movie!

    I’m sympatico with the other eight, too!

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