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Monday, a movie not many critics liked…

Today, instead of suggesting a book to you I am going to suggest a movie.  It’s a movie I liked but didn’t love.  Truthfully, it isn’t a great movie, just a good Indie movie.  I watch more Indie movies than big studio ones.  I like the low-budget and kinda rough edge to them.

Anyway, this movie, Remember Me, did okay at the box office but didn’t get good reviews for the most part.  Most critics pretty much panned it.  But like I said, I liked it.  It is slow to begin, after the middle it starts to come together, and the end is a stunner.  At least for me–but maybe I am slow when it comes to clues.

To me it is a love story.  A love story of a girl and a guy, a love story of a girl and her father, and a love story of a guy and his father.


Remember Me

Today, I think this is worth watching but maybe not paying a full price ticket to see.  Netflix has it.

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    1. Do you have any kind of subscription service for DVD’s? I am hooked on Netflix great way to see movies without spending a fortune at the theaters.

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