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Tuesday, it’s a surprise…

A cat caught by surprise

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Shocking! Unbelievable!  Awesome!  Exciting!  Amazing!  Remarkable!  Wondrous!  Astonishing!  Glorious!

I could go on and on but enough of the  superfluous adjectives…

It is almost two o’clock in the afternoon, in August, in the deep South, and it is all of 78*! 

Today, I think I may have died and gone to Heaven.

Oh, wait.  It is cloudy and the sun is hidden.  Does the sun hide in Heaven?

I think I am prolly still in South Carolina.  That’s okay.  I haven’t found out yet if there is blogging in Heaven and I want to be prepared…either way.

8 thoughts on “Tuesday, it’s a surprise…

    1. It is wonderful to have cooler temps. We have been in the upper 90’s all summer with heat index of over 100 several times. I try not to complain about the weather but I have failed quite often this summer. 😦

  1. Oh please send some of your heat this way. It’s still winter here. And blogging in heaven – I think so. How else will we all recognise each other?

    1. Have you had a cold winter? That sounds stupid but some winters are cold and some are COLD. I am ready for some sweater weather for sure!

      Maybe in Heaven we will get name tags with our blog names on them…

  2. Enjoy the cooler temps. 😀

    I almost skipped water aerobics this morning because it seemed a bit “cooler” than it’s been.

    1. I have enjoyed today. No air conditioning until about 4. It’ll be warmer tomorrow–summer hasn’t left yet but it was nice to have a break today.

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