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Thursday, for all my days…


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This past Sunday what I posted, Sunday, now I know why…, got me to…well…thinking.  Thinking about what I think of my “todays”.

The quote says “Today is a gift, that’s why we call it the present”.  To be honest I did not always ascribe to that thought.  There have been many days I would have been glad to give  back or just see them gone.  Or so I thought at the time.

When something sad or difficult or hurtful or frightening, happens we tend to see that day as a “bad day”.  Are there really bad days?  Or are there days that seem bad because things haven’t gone the way we wanted? Or we don’t understand the why of what is happening?

When I look at the bad days I have had, and it seems there have been many, most of them were bad only because I reacted negatively to what transpired instead of responding positively.  Whether I reacted or responded was/is usually based on my understanding or feelings.

Things I don’t understand, or don’t want to accept, are emotional and often in my life emotions rule.  I let my feelings get in the way and I start telling myself lies; then the truth gets fuzzy and the line between true and false blurs.

These days, now that I am old(er) and hopefully wiser, bad days are fewer and farther apart.  Now when a bad day threatens I try to see the truth and know that though there are things I don’t understand all will be clear to me one day.  Patience is something I have learned over the years…that old(er) thing again.

Today, I am thankful to know that “bad days” are just days that take a bit of patience. And I am thankful  I have learned, with time, hurts heal and sadness becomes sweet sorrow.


14 thoughts on “Thursday, for all my days…

  1. Good post, as everyone said! I can agree that getting some age behind you – having experience to draw from – definitely helps with this. And I can relate to Elizabeth’s comments about immaturity, too.

    Some things (and days) I find are easy to let roll off my back with no more thought. Now that I’m writing this, I’m realizing that the days and issues that I find harder to let go of are the ones that involve me not being the best me. I find those days when I behave badly, give in to my anger and irritation, etc. – those are the days that stick with me longer. Maybe that’s a good thing, an indication that I am wanting to be a better person, that I’m more aware and prepared to face the negative about myself. And change it for the better.

    See how you make us think?

  2. Such wisdom Patricia. I wish I was wise enough to handle the tough days with the grace of age. But, I’m still struggling with the immaturity of my childlike self. I am better, but could stand some improvement.

    Thanks for the wonderful post. It is profound and inspiring.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment, Elizabeth. I am far from perfecting my attitude and bad days. And like you there is room for improvement. But where I am today is better than yesterday…and I think it is the same for you.

  3. Debbie, Some days must seem very bad at your house. But we know that every day is one the Lord has made and we will rejoice. Although, there are days when it takes extraordinary effort to rejoice. Praying for the blessing of peace for your daughter and family.

  4. This is good Patricia! I think too that the older we get, the more experiences we have, the less frightened we become of the “bad” things. We can look back and say ‘Well it didn’t kill me then; So this will probably be O.K. now” I find a little knowledge often scares the spooky out of things.

  5. Wow, Patricia . . that was some deep and helpful thinking! Thank you for sharing it. Last week we had a “bad” day when my youngest had seizures and I had to give her a stronger dose of extra medication that makes her so agitated and upset. But, it stops the seizures. This is most likely going to happen again, and now I know what it is going to be like and can prepare and pray and respond better!

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